2006 Breva 750 (Barney): 140,065 miles

Jane’s 2006 Breva 750 (nicknamed Barney) clocked up 140,000 miles yesterday.

Barney has his own webpage: Breva 750ie - www.ukbuellgroup.co.uk


Great to see you both on Sunday at Seaways. Barney is looking great. A credit to you

Chris, thanks for that and good to see you again. We’re aiming for 150,000 miles with just additional routine servicing. Fingers crossed!

A plug for the Gutsibits team who help to keep Barney on the road. They’ve supplied most of the parts we’ve needed over the years.

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Great to meet you and Jane at the British Motor Museum event on July 9th. I’m looking for a new screen for my Breva - do you know which one is fitted to Barney?

Best wishes

Steve (V85 in concept bike colours)

Steve, it is a Puig ‘Windy’ universal fitment windshield in dark smoke.

A quick search shows they are still available from various outlets.

Excellent - much appreciated (my screen is a little old and scratched).

Thanks again.