2007 Norge - transmission backlash

I have recently bought a 2007 NORGE with 18,000 on the clock and am surprised at the amount of backlash in the transmission.

I read in the blurb that CARC is supposed to make the transmission smooth but I am having great  difficulty going from over-run to acceleration in the lower speed ranges.  At high speed the problem vanishes but at  round town speeds it spoils the riding experience.  It makes it a sort of ‘on off’ affair with  quite a harsh take up. The transmission snatch can be felt clearly through the bike and requires intense throttle control to keep it at a minimum

Is this normal? I previously owned a 2009 California Sport Special and have no recollection of the transmission being so harsh.

I would value fellow members comments on this.


Brian…our former webmaster and Norge owner mite tell you to take the free play out of the throttle…this snatchiness is something most modern injection guzzis have to greater or lesser degree…some folks fit Power Commanders…940 on here is the creator of the Finebau Forge module with smoothed out the power delivery on our Griso…google Finebau Forge…

The first things to check is that the bolt in the front bush on the torque arm is tight and that there is no wear in the bush, an upgraded version is available ( Pete Brocklehurst did a article about it in Gambalunga this year) next take it into your local Guzzi dealer and get them to load the latest softwear as this can make a big difference to the low speed response of the bike


My Guzzi 1200 CARC doesn’t suffer any noticeable transmission backlash… but it does suffer from fuel injection snatchiness off/on throttle. In fact all Closed Loop running (up to 3,200/3,500) is less than brilliant because in Closed Loop mode the ECU is leaning out the fuel mix to the max based on readings from the Lambda exhaust gas sensors.

The cause is Euro 3 emission requirements and the issue affects many bike engines of this vintage. I have not tried to solve the issue myself but fitting a resistor to change the output from the Lamda sensor is a common idea - the Finebau Forge is suggested above - although it is only fair to mention there are other devices doing similar things such as BoosterPlug from Denmark. You may find this device improves the situation rather than cures totally since the ‘fix’ is bit of a ‘fudge’, and some also claim Euro3 bikes switch off the fuel flow totally on the over-run leading to a ‘dry’ intake when the throttle is opened. Please report back on the results of the Lambda adjustor if you go that route - I’ve never heard anyone say it makes things worse.

Plan B is keep the throttle pinned, FI runs Open Loop straight from the fuel map at WOT

Tony :unamused:

I fitted a fuel compensator to my breva 1100 and the problem you describe disapeard . I now get a nice smooth throttle respons at low speed ie roundabouts/ corners/filtering.

My 2006 Norge is quite snatchy going off-on throttle. I fitted a Finebau Forge box and whilst I think it makes things better I can’t live with the ‘Service’ warning on the dash so it’s been switched off for the last year.

I now just ride around the problem by slipping the clutch very slightly on slow corners and tend to open the throttle earlier on slightly quicker corners ( I ride through the corner on an open throttle rather than waiting for the apex).

I had the same problem on my last bike (4-cylinder BMW) and a re-map of the injection made it quicker but no better on the snatchiness. I recently dropped my Norge in a ford (the wet ones, not the car) so I picked up a 1999 VFR800 to use on holiday while the Norge is repaired, and that’s about the same in the snatchiness department.

No matter how snatchy it may be, I’m still missing my Guzzi!


that’s about the same in the snatchiness department.

Is it really?

I think I am learning to live with the snatchiness on mine (1200 Sport 2v). It tends not to bother me on roads I know, but can be a real pain on tight hairpins for example. I got the torque arm bush thingy changed for the newer type but it made no difference. I am reluctant to try the finebau forge thing owing to the issue you mention and the feeling that I don’t want to mess with the ignition.

hase any one huwe has a problem with the finebau forge compensator, contacted them? thay are very helpful and could probely sort it out for you,
thy do work.

Does anyone have a Finebau Forge compensator on a 2V Norge and NOT have the Service warning on all the time?

I sort of gathered that this is the price you pay for tinkering with the fuel mixture.

my 1100 2 valve breva is the same engine as yours and I haven’t had this problem, contact dave at finebau and thay will try to sort the problem.
best of luck mick,

your not messing whith the ignicion, its the plug from your airbox you plug the compensator into the box and the other end into the plug lead, simples :astonished:

I suppose I ride around it on my Norge. It is fitted with a Quill Evo silencer and therefore hasno catalyst. I don’t know whether this would affect things?

I bought a new Norge in 2008. The CARC backlash is huge compared to any of my other Guzzis even my old V7 that’s done 145,000 miles. A lambda sensor fooler works to give a smoother engine and yes you have to put up with a warning on the dash every so often. It’s definitely an improvement. It doesn’t cure the backlash of course which you just have to drive around. What does improve the ride is the modified torque arm front bush though and I would recommend that.

I had a test ride on a Breva which had this problem - the torque arm bush was responsible, according to the dealer. It wasn’t helped by the fact that it was the first FI bike I had ever ridden - felt like a learner, kangarooing along the road!

Are we talking about transmission backlash or the way the bike comes from idle (or near too) onto the throttle?

My was a complete pig when I first got it but replacing the ICV (and have a good garage sort out the no touchy screw that the PO had touched :imp: ) bike is now fine

ICV replacement price was a bit of a shock to the system though!

“PO” ?? :question:

And, ICV = Inlet Check Valve?

PO - Previous Owner
ICV - Idle Control Valve

Sorry :frowning:

Whoops - just noticed that my sig shows me as having a 95 Carby Cali. This lot refers to the 05 V1100 Breva I bought a month or 2 back

Ah thanks!