2008 Norge GTL Handlebar Lever Adjustment

I have just bought a 2008 Norge and find the clutch and front brake lever to be too horizontal and uncomfortable. I’d like to tilt them down a few degrees but this appears to impossible on the brake side as there is cast lug that looks like it is there to protect the the hydraulic pipe banjo. I can move the clutch lever but as I tighten it up it returns to the original position. My question is, “is the positioning of the handlebar levers set by the factory during original assembly and cannot be adjusted?” Or, am I missing something?
Many thanks

I think that there is a locating hole in the handlebars that restricts up and down movement - someone wil correct me if I 'm wrong :slight_smile:

Yes the handlebar levers are set by factory and cannot be rotated downwards.

If the bars are the same as the B1100 then the bar can be rotated where it bolts to the riser. I discovered this when the, throttle side, bar came loose while out for a run.