2009 1200 4v Sport Servicing stand

I am at a loss as to what stand to use for my 1200 Sport. I need to change the fork stanchions and get the wheels blasted and repainted as they have corroded badly. No ABBA frame will fit. I cant find a main stand. Any ideas please?

Google or Ebay search for “Front Head Stock Paddock Stand” and you might find something suitable.

Thanks Will. I will take a look.

I have a Moto GP branded front headstock stand.

Combined with the centre-stand, it allows me to raise both wheels of the Stelvio off the ground for cleaning or wheel removal. It’s supplied with various fittings and there is some height adjustment but I had to make up a spacer to make it more secure (just my preference). You can’t use it without a rear stand of some sort (centre stand or paddock stand)

Thanks Jon - I have no centre stand. Waiting for a reply from Warrior Spider Stands to see if that works.

I just bought a stand for my Bellagio from these guys and I am very pleased with it. Fast delivery from Germany and really good quality.

I can’t see the 1200 sport mentioned (although they have a general Guzzi one) but I’ll bet a mail to them would get a solution.

Or have you already tried Stein Dinse?