2014/15 V7 EFI engines in older bikes

Ok so project ultimate TT has started. Plan is to take a 600mile V7 stone engine and gearbox and fit them into my 1984 V65tt Having done a lot of research and measuring the niggle list is :-

  1. Standard gear ratio (primary gears) on a 2015 V7 is too high for a bike with 18" rear wheel

  2. No output for a mechanical tacho or drive for points / dyna’s

  3. will carb manifolds fit V7 Heads

  4. will exhaust fit v7 head

  5. what starter motor to use

  6. will V65 TT drive shaft splines fit new V7 gearbox ( 5-speed)

  7. mating v65tt wiring to ducati type regulator ( v7 stone crank nose is different from v65 etc, so have to use 320w ducati alternator

  8. Recessed spark plugs will need different caps

  9. oil pressure and neutral wiring

  10. fitting swing arm

  11. breather plumbing

  12. remove timing sensor

  13. are frame mounts the same ( and will it fit!)

  1. my v65TT has monza primary gears that are perfect for me, this also give same input spline size, removed bell housing on v65tt box and v7 stone box and primary gears swapped over with no problems!

  2. originally I had planned to use a v65 cam shaft and front cover, changed plan to fitting modern Elektronik-Sachse ZDG3 to the ducati alternator as I wanted the rev limiter and adjustable curves - cam and front cover from the v65 engine does fit if you want to go this route. I sourced a nice 80mm electronic chronographic tacho to replace the veglia mechanical unit

  3. the standard small block inlet manifold bolt straight on to the V7 Stone heads, you can even use the V7 bolts and gaskets, port matching almost perfect . Temp sensor on right hand head can be removed or poss utilised for a temp gauge?

carbs and original air box all fit with no problems

  1. Standard V65 exhaust front pipes fit the V7 Stone head using v65 collets and flange, you need to loosen the front pipes from the silencers as the 750 block is slightly wider than the 650 but it all bolts up with good port matching and no issues once front pipes are twisted out a few mm. V7 or v65tt gaskets can be used

  2. the v65 valeo starter wont fit the later v7 bell housing, so I used the later one that came with the v7 stone engine/box. Battery lead and wiring connect up with no problems

  3. V7 gearbox casing is same as the v65 , and uses the same 12 spline shaft ( people with earlier small block that use 10 spline shafts would need to source a new shaft), v65 gear leaver ball joint fits back of box , as does the v65 clutch cable.

  4. mounted regulator to front of frame and connected direct to battery ( + and - ) , added frame ground , connect to switched ignition and connect dash charge light

  5. the guzzi oem spark plugs caps are very expensive but after a bit of digging they are NGK VD05EM 120deg LONG 5ohm plug caps, got 2 for less than £20 (GPB) delivered , v65 plug leads are shortened with wire cutters and the new caps screwed in

  6. swap round connector on oil pressure to later spade terminal, cut off plug from neutral switch and connect to v65 neutral light wire. charge and neutral lights both work as expected

  7. Swing arm mounts are identical to the v65 box ( and v35 box i have) and swing arm with spacer fitted straight on

  8. rocker box breathers and rear sump level oil return are identical to the v65 and you can just connect original pipes, i took option to add the v7 non return valve

  9. timing sensor gets bolts through the front timing cover ( near location where mechanical tacho feed fits) , had a 2mm stainless plate laser cut at work the blanks the hole ( used original bolts and o-ring) to stop dirt getting in or oil blowing out

  10. see pictures :slight_smile:

Fuel tank clears the valve covers and the side covers clear the carbs --------------

I cannot start the engine yet as the ignition kit has not arrived yet.

interesting trivia the v65 and v7 stone rocker boxes are same underneath and if they look better I could use my original covers ( gaskets are the same)

almost finished

Stainless cover to block old timing sensor hole

The finished article ( with her sister TT behind)

Nice job! isn’t it great that our favourite marque has such brilliant parts interchangability.

Can’t see this working, only realistic option is keep it FI using the original ECU and probably most of the loom to go with it.

Blokes who build their own modified / custom cars have the same problem, the usual solution is also transfer the electronics that goes with the engine.

Don;t know what you’re going to do about the ratio problem, other than smaller back wheel?

Ratio sorted all ready as said in my post, swapped input gears in the front reduction box

No reason for it not to run, engine is identical config to v65/v75, same crank spec as a v75 , just modernised.

Many people have removed fuel injection systems with great success including a lots of early efi guzzi

Engine is in bike, carbs and manifold are bolt on and the v75 with same bore stroke ratio uses same 30mm carbs. The ignition kit is well tried and tested on other guzzi lumps

there is no difference between an EFI guzzi engine or a carb one. If fuel and air are going in and a correctly time’d spark added it will run. The ignition unit is fully programmable and will work

Look forward to seeing you out and about on it Ian…Clox maybe ?..

Yeah be at clox Hun !

nicely done :sunglasses: that’ll confuse a few people :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing it.
I cannot open your photos 'cos of work computer.

Cracking conversion, what’s next, V9 engine in a Lario?

Great stuff!
was looking at a Florida/Nevada engine and box for my NTX750. This looks like a better bet.
I’ve got a T3 with a Quota EFI engine in it. The people who did the conversion kept the FI. Doesn’t look as difficult as I’d imagined.
Looking forward to hearing how it performs.
All the best

OK then! You obviously seem to know what you’re doing. :smiley:

Great job Iain!


Fitting carbs is the easy bit, sorting the ignition system is the hard bit.

Volkner sache and silent hektiic offer crank / alternator mounted pre programmed systems with rev limiters and several different advance curves

Prob with using efi is fitting the sensors and safely adding the high pressure fuel pump

Well as you mention it , v7 and v9 engines are apparently the same, just bigger bore and larger cylinders … So take v7 engine and swap top…"

Agree with that.
I’d go the same route with the NTX.
Luckily I bought the T31100 ready made :slight_smile:
Have fun

That looks nice
will it give a little more power with the new engine ?
I saw an article a while back about a fella that fitted a modern EFI engine into a Loop frame, even kept the EFi for reliability
you had to look hard to notice
quite fancy that myself as I cannot be bothered with carbs and points these days

My grey bikes 650 engine had been played with so it went much better than my white standard TT, according to the book figures the new engine will have more torque lower down but slightly less power… BUT I have twin 30mm carbs over one 38mm throttle body and open exhausts with no cats …

Road test will tell :smiling_imp:

nice one looks a cracking bike
will have to come and see it

This is real nice work - but surely deserves to be an article in a forthcoming Gambalunga.

My Elektronik-Sachse ZDG3 ignition system (for ducati alternator) came today, took about 1hrs to fit and get setup on the V65TT / V7 hybrid Im very proud to announce that my Moto Guzzi V7TT

Started FIRST TIME and runs really well Its -3 and the road out side my house is white with ice so no proper test rides today, but a quick ride up and down my 150m gravel drive shows it has lots and lots of grunt!

Only minor niggle is the ignition pick up hits the plastic timing cover and needed spacing about 8mm, will cut a nice alloy spacer to finish the job tomorrow Will set the carbs up properly tomorrow but i am very very please with the results so far!

https://youtu.be/c-cy55HuNHk for a quick video of the first startup