2014 stelvio exhaust

Not the prettiest thing on what I think is otherwise a lovely looking bike, and seeing as after a year of ownership I’ve really bonded with the Stelvio, I’m considering a replacement exhaust.

I’m taking the bike for a remap at Hilltop in the not to distant future, and would like the new exhaust fitted before I go.
Got it narrowed down to GPR or MIVV and would be very interested on anyone’s views on these or indeed any others.



I have a 2011 Stelvio NTX. I didn’t find much wrong with the original, but wanted something different, I was looking at the MIVV and Quill, I got hold of second hand but nearly new MIVV.
Excellent quality, looks great on the bike, gave it time to settle in, better mid range power, but just seem to free the engine up, brill. Â Â Â

 Peter.  Â