2014 Stelvio NTX

Hi all.
Looking at replacing my BMW GS sometime in March / April and have pretty much decided on a new Stelvio NTX. Don’t want another BMW and after having a test-ride on a Triumph Explorer XC today (the only other contender) I think it is going to come back to the Guzzi (haven’t owned one since 1994) .
Rode over to Worcester on Saturday to take the brand-new demonstrator out from Streffords (hi Martin, great to have met you) and it was everything I hoped it would be however there were a couple of issues that I would like to resolve before ordering.

Firstly the screen.
On my GS I can ride with the visor up at any speed (Wunderlich screen & Tobinators) and the Triumph screen is just as effective as standard however the Stelvio is a different matter. Despite playing with the adjustment I found that buffeting is a real issue. Is something like a Touratech or MRA spoiler the only solution or is there an alternative screen available (2014 model remember)?

Secondly the vibration.
Not really an issue other than that the mirrors blur at M-way speeds but scouring the forums you occasionally come up with a mention of fixings coming undone, fatigue cracks etc. Is this really an issue?

Other than that the Guzzi was great fun to ride whereas the Triumph I rode today seems very clinical. No getting away form the fact that the Triumph has more power but I just don’t need that and despite being (slightly) lighter and holding less fuel the Triumph felt more bulky.

I rode a new NTX to Austria in the rain last year and thought the screen was excellent. Kept the worst of the weather off and no buffeting. The only bike I have ridden with a better screen was a Norge. No problems with the mirrors either. Perhaps you are taller that me. I am 5’10.

Horton9162014-01-22 08:58:50

It must be a very individual bike basis. I bought my Stelvio rather than the Triumph, because of vibration! The Triumph bar vibes put my fingers tingling in just 5 or 6 miles. I also found the electric fly by wire throttle system very abrupt.
I’ve found the mirrors on the Stelvio to be unaffected by any vibrations.
The Triumph has more technology and is far more powerful but I couldn’t have lived with those vibrations through the bars.
The one criticism I have of the Stelvio is the spoked wheels rusting in just a couple of years. I’ll have them re-spoked shortly with quality stainless spokes.

I have a 2011 NTX.Screens,like almost everthing else concerning motorcycles,are a personal thing. What works for one may not work for anyone else. I have no problems whatsoever with the screen,and I always ride with an open-face helmet(with peak),all year round.I’m 6’-1",and my screen stays permanently in the lowest setting.
Mirrors: Again,I don’t have any problems with them,no vibration.

Thanks all.

Can only comment on the NTX demonstrator I rode on Saturday and that was brand-new with only 40-miles on the clock.

I would definately have to do something about the screen, I adjusted it mid-ride but it didn’t make it any better (I am 6ft).
The vibration was present but not really an issue other than the problem with the mirrors (which were otherwise excellent), The Explorer XC on the other hand was turbine smooth at all revs.

With regards to corroding spokes, that has come up several times on the Explorer forum but by all accounts not once has Triumph agreed to cover replacement despite how quickly it has sometimes come about, never heard anyone mention it about a Stelvio though. I will miss the SS spokes of the GS.

Just got to check out potential dealers now (Mid Beds / Bucks).
Would love to buy it from Streffords of Worcester as they are really nice and seem to have a good reputation but really want to cultivate someone closer.
Going to check out Moto Forza Italia in Silverstone and then On Yer Bike in Westcott as both are in my area. Palmers of Hemel and Haywards of Cambridge are possibilities but both are a bit out of the way for me.
Any recomendations?

I have replaced my spoked wheels with cast ones from the later model. I bought the bike new in 2011 and after a year it had a slight air leak past one of the wheel spoke seals. It was fixed under warranty by the nice people at Newcombe Brothers in Chelmsford. I saw an add on eBay for new cast wheels from Corsa Italiana and last year bought a pair for £400.00. I then sold my spoked wheels for £250.00 on eBay, so the change was not to expensive.
I would recommend Heywards of Cambridge and Newcombe Brothers in Chelmsford, remember the rides to and from the dealers are the best parts of the whole dealer experience!

I have never dealt with On Yer Bike but have spoken to some who have.They say if you don’t have a good word to say about some one you shouldn’t say anything.So I wont.

I bought my Aprilia Caponord which is of a similar style to the Stelvio a couple of years ago. The guy selling it absolutely loved it but couldn’t get rid of the wind buffeting from the screen. He bought a taller screen and that didn’t work, so added a flip up spolier and that didn’t work either. Then he adapted the old screen, bolting on the taller screen and using spacers so the old shortened screen and the taller screen had a gap to allow air to flow under it, and that didn’t work.He then bought a third screen, but by that time had given up and sold the bike. I fitted the new tall screen and still had turbulance.I then changed the standard mirrors to aftermaket ones and in one fell swoop sorted the problem -turbulance gone, so don’t assume it is always a screen problem…

Struck a deal with Moto Forza Italia in Silverstone today so as soon as I pay my deposit it is all systems go to pick up the New NTX on 1st March (better raid the savings for the balance!).
My GS is going in as PX but I am putting it back to standard and keeping all the Touratech & Wunderlich parts as well as the Adventure panniers which I will then sell separately.

Looking forward to becoming a Guzzi owner again, only 20-years since the last one!

nice one.

If you decide that an alternative screen is required, try Caltech - made in USA but available over here. I have one on my RT and it is very good. They list Guzzi ones on their site.


Thanks, I will see how I get on and if I can’t get it right with the standard one then I will look into one.

"Caltech are the ones with the hole in the bottom to let the air through are they not? "

On my GS I have a Wunderlich screen which didn’t really make much difference over the standard screen however I then fitted a set of Tobinators which allows you to tilt the screen in all sorts of angles that the standard mountings don’t. It turned out the best solution was to raise the bottom of the screen about an inch or so to allow air to flow both over and underneath, result is complete comfort allowing me to ride with my visor up regardless of speed.
Will be interesting if a similar solution might turn out to be necessary for the NTX.

Laminar lip?


yes, they have the hole - and I may have meant Calsci…

I bought my Stelvio NTX from Forza Italia last June. I have dealt with them for many years and have always received very good service. My Stelvio was very well prepared, and I’m sure yours will be as well.Once you have your new bike and ridden it for a bit, if you’d like to meet up to ‘compare notes’ get in touch. I live about 15 miles north of Oxford, and like you have returned to Guzzi ownership after a 20+ year gap.

Placed the order today with an expected delivery date of 1st March.

Now I have decided to trade-in the GS after all these years I can’t wait!

“Once you have your new bike and ridden it for a bit, if you’d like to meet up to ‘compare notes’ get in touch. I live about 15 miles north of Oxford, and like you have returned to Guzzi ownership after a 20+ year gap.”

I take it you live around Bicester / Deddington / Enstone then?
I am going to look in at the Oxon branch and see what how it goes.
Litch2014-02-06 19:37:46

I’m considering going the adventure bike route,
Today I had a test ride on the latest BMW R1200GS.
I really wanted to dislike it, but I just couldn’t fault it,
I really can understand why they sell so many of these things.
It’ll be a tough act to follow,
Tomorrow I have a test book on the Triumph,
Needless to say, I want to ride the Stelvio, but getting a test ride locally is impossible,
There are 2 Guzzi dealers within a 50 mile radius of me, and neither have a Stelvio for me to try,
So frustrating,

I couldn’t really fault the Triumph but I handed it back without a thought of wanting to own one, after riding the Stelvio I really felt I had enjoyed myself.
Yes test-rides are a pain, I am in Bedfordshire and went to Worcester for the day. The only other place near(ish) to me that has one (I think) is Corsaitaliana however although closer I dislike the M25 etc so went across country instead of down.

Hi LondonBill,

I test rode a Stelvio NTX from Robinsons Foundry in Canterbury today. I live in Lewisham and my SatNav said it was 53 miles so only just outside your 50 mile radius. Quality of service from Robinsons was top rate; friendly, courteous with no hard sell.

With regard to the bike, I was very impressed. Weather conditions were appalling for my ride, driving rain with blustery winds (mainly from the side trying to blow me into the oncoming traffic). It could have been a frightening nightmare but the Stelvio was forgiving and reassuring from the start. I didn’t adjust the screen at all and it seemed to be at its lowest setting. Weather protection was fairly good. I am 5’10’’ and I think the screen could have been raised quite a bit before I was looking through it rather than over it. Didn’t go much above 60 mph (Don’t laugh! it really was rubbish weather!) so I cannot comment about buffeting although I know from experience what an intractable problem it can be.

Now, I just need to find £10,000 lying about…

I can’t believe the NTX isn’t fitted with stainless spokes as standard. My 2003 Cali Stone has SS spokes and it was considered a base model.