2015 1200 Sport

Just need a bit of info regarding a 1200 Sport that I’m looking at. Allegedly it is the last one imported into the U.K. (registered 15/09/15)
My questions are -
Will it have come from the factory with the roller tappers fitted from new (as the seller says)?
Did they get to the bottom of the “click no crank” fault, by the time this model was sold (ie did they sort out the electrical and mechanical problems by the end of the production run?)
Thanks in advance

The roller cam followers were introduced in 2012 as far as I know. Do you know the engine number? Is the seller a dealer or private seller?

Click no clunk is a problem that has been a Guzzi characteristic for years. Big heavy engine requires a lot of torque from the starter to launch it. If any corrosion develops on battery or earth terminals in the starter system then the starter current is reduced and the starter can’t turn the engine.

On my Stelvio it sometimes happens at certain crank positions, so I put it in first gear and rock it backwards and forwards a couple of times and then it usually starts. If this happens I take it as a reminder to clean up the electrical connectors as noted above.

Best of luck

I am not sure they ever put the roller cams in the 1200 Sport. You really need to check this thoroughly. Of course a dealer or owner might have.

I would not worry about the click crank too much to be honest. As Chris says, clean contacts and a decent battery should be enough to fix normally.

Thinking on, a more important thing to check than click crank is the fuel filter in the tank. Some of these have plastic bodies and can swell and break, or sometimes they can disconnect. Either is a recovery job. It can be replaced with a metal bodied one. If you buy the bike I think it is worth making sure this is done before too much time passes.

I would have a look to see what your engine number is to start with. If you remove one of your rocker covers you can also visually check to see if your engine is rollered.

non rollered heads have a small cam follower hole - I suppose that it is a similar size to the Allen bolt on the rocker clamp

Griso Ghetto is a good source to look at.

Eyup Manny! No such thing as a 8V 1200 Sport with roller tappets unless they have been retro fitted- they all came with flat tappets from new.