2017 trips

Booked a couple of jaunts for 2017.

Mid May 5 day lads trip through Wales to Ireland and back.

June off to Corsica via Italy and back via France.

Can’t wait.

Lovely. I like the sound of the Corsica trip. I’m dead jealous. :mrgreen:


There’s 2 double spaces available!

Unfortunately I am under orders not to book any trips for next year. A 30th wedding anniversary non biking holiday is on the cards apparently. :confused:

Women eh… :laughing:

29 is long enough!

I bought her a Ducati Monster 696 for this one. Generous to a fault :smiley:

She is a good egg. I got away with two trips with the guys this year and have 3 bikes in the garage, so I can’t complain.

Ha ! :laughing:
Guys just asked me what I would like for Christmas…I said one of them there cheap Valeo copies for my Loop and a new rear tyre… :laughing:

Is that the answer to what do you buy the woman who has everything? :laughing:

What I would really like is a Panther Redwing…
And theres about as much chance… :wink:

Last week in May x3 mggb members - plus guests ,following strict vetting procedure,basically you have to watch University challenge and get two answers right !.Oh the joy and pleasure of just answering one question right …apparently,so I am told.
Loire valley it is.At first we were not too sure if it would be the odd hotel here and there plus a campsite,some bright mate of mine suggested and opted for a Gite for four nights with swimming pool,now where did I put my speedos.

Going to be a corker,big gite apparently,sleeps eight.Remaining three nights heading for the Brittany coast,nice and steady, no mega mileage,just nice and easy.



Great tour.I missed the Newhaven ferry having stopped off in Winchester for dinner with some friends,heading East on the A27 always takes longer than you think.Being such a small Port, arriving 20 minutes late, the gate was locked and the lights were off ,Office closed.Oppisite the main building there is a large portacabin with french sliding doors,truckers rest room,heated,showers and toilets,ideal if you want to stretch out on the comfy seats and wait for the morning ferry,down side, is there was several interuptions from the odd camion driver through out the night using the facilities,still, warm and dry.
I probably will not use this ferry again for a few reasons,the short 5 hour crosing can suit, although the portsmouth ferries take a2/3 hours longer on the night crossing,there is a couple of reasons for this,one I believe they use less fuel and secondly it at least gives the passengers ample time to rest and recupirate feeling fresher for the onward journey.

The 4hr journey down to Alencon to RV with my guzzi comarades a pleasure, made more so by thousands of bikers returning from the Le mans GP keeping me company.French bikers friendly,90% of bikers will acknowledge fellow bikers by a left hand wave,nod or stick there leg out when passing - just like the seventies,I think I covered the last 300kms one handed !!!.On gp day,due to the vast numbers of bikers onthe road all Peage fees are waived for motorcyclists.

Sun blazing,hot,hot,bikers every where,no tolls,not a bad start to a great biking holiday.

Happy touring .

Had a fantastic time with you and Dave, don’t leave it too long till we meet up in France again. The surveillance photos have been emailed to you :laughing:

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