2018/ 2019 my V9 Roamer Shock absorbers.

Hi All,
I have a 2017 my V9 Roamer with standard shocks. However, I have seen in MG publications that the 2018 / 2019 my V9 Roamers have different rear shock absorbers to the earlier models.
One significant change I’ve noted is Moto Guzzi’s change from screw thread pre load adjusters to the rotating cam type. (I prefer this method for ease and speed of alteration of settings).

I think I’ve also read somewhere that they have a greater amount of travel than the 2016/ 17 models.

So, if they have longer travel then I’d really like to know if they are they any longer, eye to eye, than the earlier units that were 350mm between eyes and do they ride better than the earlier ones?

Many thanks.
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