2018 V7 III Special - Center Stand

This lucky boy has just received his first “new” bike … and as you know nowadays these don’t come with a Centre Stand fitted as standard.

There are a couple of options I have seen which is the OEM one (expensive !) and a third party one as per this one on Ebay from Germany:


Has anyone bought/fitted one of these ? Any comments/advice will welcomed

Don’t want to buy a cheap and nasty one and have the bike fall over !



I’ve just bought one of these specific to my 2010 V7 classic. The fitting instructions are non-existing - just a single page diagram of the parts to the centre stand itself.

I am hoping to figure out how to fit it, whilst still keeping the side stand, using Google to search for instructions or a video (or both)!

I’ll let you know how I get on.



With the good weather coming I FINALLY got round to fitting the centre stand I’d bought for my V7 (Mk I) Classic.

All in all a straightforward job as I didn’t need to take off the side stand. As I said previously, there were no instructions, just a printed diagram. Anyway it’s fitted now. However…

As well as replacing the rear hanger for the left hand exhaust, it was also necessary to loosen off the right hand exhaust at the head, at the rear hanger and the connection to the central catalytic cylinder to get it out of the way enough to push back through the existing stand axle and to install the separate new centre stand axle.

Getting the hefty spring onto the newly installed centre stand is a pain in the arse! It took a lot of strength and a lot of swearing…

The new stand does raise the back wheel quite high off the ground. This is not a Guzzi stand but a German third-party make labelled “Constand”. It does feel like a less than hefty shove from behind could push the bike forward off the stand, but we’ll see… For less than £95 delivered I think it’ll do a good enough job.



You could weld steel plates to the centre stand feet of the required thickness to raise the rear tyre up enough for your needs, otherwise just park so the stand is on a piece of plywood of the required thickness when you want the rear wheel off.

Sorry Chris, I think you misunderstand.

The centrestand I have fitted is higher than I expected, not lower… The rear wheel is quite a large distance off the floor - more than is necessary.


Sorry I misunderstood, it must be a struggle to get it on the stand then? Maybe cut some of the length off and reweld the feet back on.