2018 V7 III Special support when no centre stand

I would like to check/reset the valves on my bike. It only has a side stand and I’m reluctant to spend over £200 for a centre stand …
I know that I can remove the Alternator cover and rotate the valves from there but many use the back wheel and to do t his I will need to support the bike somewhere.
Is there a safe mounting point or am I safer using the alternator ?

if your bike is like most it will have a flat sump, I use a motorcycle scissor lift which is pretty stable and then a bottle jack to left the rear if I need to remove the wheel.

The alternator route is the easiest and less stressful.

Oh and a bit of carpet on the lift to protect the bike :slight_smile:

Great - and thanks for the advice :+1:

Pretty sure the alternator is a wet type, meaning it’s inside the sump with the engine oil, and removing the cover is no easy matter. Other stuff has to come off e.g. regulator. (It’s not like the old big blocks, out with 4 screws and whip off a plastic cover.) And I’m not sure what there is to grip on the end of the crank anyway, I think I saw a photo once but can’t remember. Much less aggro (and potential for mistakes/ damage) and far quicker to jack the back wheel. If it’s like my V7 850, top gear and remove the spark plugs.

Hi Mike,
Thanks for the advice and now I’m unsure whether the Alternator route would have worked so will try the Rear wheel lift.

If not a bike lift, a couple of these should do it (see picture). You should be able to fit them under the frame tubes with a bit of care. Then, as has been said, top gear and plugs out and nudge the crank around to TDC.

Hi Roger,

Thanks for the additional advice which I will try (carefully).
Just wish that it had come with a centre stand when I bought it new !!
p.s. the other comment I received indicated that I could not use a nut on the end of the alternator as I have done on my previous Breva - Is that true ?

You could be the first to find out, :grin: but as I said I’m not sure there’s even a nut on there, but anyway needs alternator cover off, and as there’s oil on the inside will then need a new gasket for it probably, oh and the alternator output lead goes through a grommet which will also need sealant applied when it’s replaced else it will leak …

OK Mike thanks again - me thinks I will stay away from that then !