2018 V7 III Special - Temperature gauge question

OK, may be another weird question but here goes !

I started my bike in the garage and intended to run it up to temperature.
The Temp gauge showed 14.4 C and then never moved.
I stopped it and immediately restarted it and the gauge showed 15.5 … and then never moved.
Stopped it again and the gauge showed 16.5

Q - Should the gauge not go up as the temperature goes up whether or not the bike is being ridden or is stationary ?


Dave T

Did the heat from the bike running and your own body heat warm up the garage?

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Quick answer is yes


The gague should go up as the temperature goes up, unlike in your question where you ask “Should the gauge NOT go up as the temperature goes up”

It is an ambient temp gauge, not an engine temp gauge.
Useful in winter to let you know of icy conditions.
It should flash around 34F, 2deg above freezing.

Thanks Cabernet, I get it now, dtpeebles thought my answer was funny because he thought the air temperature gauge was an engine temperature gauge :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: