2022 Branch Meetings

Hi All

we will resume our monthly meetings on the last Wednesday of the month from 6pm-ish at the Wagon & Horses, Faversham Rd, top of Charing Hill,
hope to see a few folks there!

TN27 0NR
51.2260370N, 0.8355041E
OS E589086 N151218

26th January
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December TBA

I have no idea why but the phone number in Gambalunga is wrong - my number is 07889 408 329


Simon it was Andy Court’s number that has not been updated. I wrote to all of the branches on 4th April last year via email and asked if the details in Gambalunga were correct, it would seem that this one slipped through the net! I will correct it for the next issue.

Best wishes Chris

I changed it already on the Website!

Cheers Uki

Thanks both,

I also emailed Roger.


Hi all,

The May meeting will be this Wednesday at the Waggon and Horses. Usual place. I hope to be there about six thirty.

It would be great to see some folks, I am planning to arrange a summer ride out, and would like to hear others’ opinions.

If people would like an alternative location, or meeting time, or something, please do speak up. The branch is only ever going to be what the members make it. The lack of interest makes me think I’m flogging a dead horse!

Hope to see you there
All the best

Hi Simon, I should be there, also around 6.30. Cheers, Rob, 1200 Sport