2022 Ride Out

Happy New Year to all!

Given the success of David’s run last summer, I have been thinking of a summer run that might be a bit unusual, and possibly a bit extreme.

Would there be any takers for an epic “tour of Kent”?

Starting at Lenham square, which is within a mile or so of the geographical centre of our county, then the Easternmost point, near North Foreland, Northernmost, near Egypt bay, Highest, Betsom’s hill, Westernmost, near Edennridge,and finish at the southernmost, pub, the Britannia Inn at Dungeness.

I reckon that is about 200 miles, plus of course home to Lenham and Dungeness back home. Google estimates 6 hours.

Any takers?

I’d be up for that IF it’s a Sunday and the planets are in line… :wink:

thanks Shaun

I guess a Sunday makes sense. I’ll keep you posted.

Presume you’re away Wednesday next, it’s the monthly meeting if anyone’s up for it.


Would you be happy for an Essex posse to join you?


Yes of course. I’ll keep you posted.


I’d definitely be up for this, providing the date works for me.

Good stuff. Will publicise well in advance!

Just having my regular six monthly look at the forum - I’m afraid Facebook has made forums obsolete for me!
Did anything ever come of this?

Sounds fun better start to earn some brownie points