2024 V85 Models

Anyone else getting excited about the 2024 V85 models?
VisorDown posted an article last week, stating MG has announced the prices, but there’s still zip all info on the MGGB website. I so need to see a V85 Strada in the flesh - £11,200 btw.

Is there another Moto Guzzi site? I’m only aware of the one official site, which states £11.2K for the ‘Strada’

I meant the MG OS, that’s been up there for a while, they just slotted in the prices recently. I guess when they’ve shifted the discounted old stock, the range info will update & we may be able to run a config!

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I saw and sat on them at Milan and there are some nice improvements on the original. Personally, I think I prefer the new V85 to the Stelvio. However would like to see the option of alloy wheels on the travel, as I hate cleaning wire wheels