'21 V7 850 special replacement front mudguard.

I have recently bought the above bike, I read in Gambalunga that a mudguard from a V7III would fit and fitted with an extension will help keep muck off the engine.
Any ideas where I might get one? I am in somerset . Loving the bike!

If it’s just an extender you’re looking for then you can get one from pyramid plastics for your existing mudguard.

Thank you, I want to replace the mudguard as well for a fuller one. Although now thinking I might at least fit an extender to the original in the meantime.

I bought one off e-bay , it was off the earlier v750 , not sure which year it was from , 2012 ?
When it arrived it was the same length as the original with the extender fitted !
I added a mud flap as well. [ to the " new " guard ] to keep the muck off the engine sump , it seems to work .
You could always try an MG parts department for the exact year/model ?
hope this is of help ,Derek

Thanks DD, the fender extender is helping…I will revisit the replacement 'guard sometime.

Sorry for the delayed response - I’ve only just seen this.

I have the same bike and issue. I bought a used Nevada one and sprayed it black. Added a mud flap too and it is very effective but, perhaps, not for the purists……


Thanks for the response Steve, your mod looks good to me.I will follow that up.

Out of curiosity, @Scruffysteve, do you recall where you sourced your mud-flap? Last time I looked, all I could find were relatively small/thin examples or eBay offerings (where it’s hard to know how good it might until you’ve got it).

It was from a firm called DirtBikeStuff Factory Racing. Got it from EBay for £6.49 :+1:

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Bought an extender from Powerbronse but not keen on drilling holes through the mudguard to fit it so still looking for an easy alternative.