'22 V7 850 special Headlamp bulb

I have a 22 v7 850 special which according to the owners handbook and the advertising " blurb " should have an LED bulbs ? But mine has a normal halogen H7 ? The bulb and plastic ! headlamp get VERY HOT ? Is this " normal "
I tried a " cheapy " far east led bulb which failed after just a few runs but didn’t even get warm ! On inspection the bulb failed because of the mounting plate was loose ! [ it worked on the bench if you wiggled the plate to make good contact ]
Does any one else have the same hot headlamp ?
The wires to the headlamp plug are a very light/fine gauge [ canbus ? ] . I’m worried about the high current draw damaging them ,
regards Derek

I have the V7 Stone which does have a proper LED headlamp. However, my understanding is that besides the obvious differences with the Stone, the Special is meant to have a normal halogen headlamp bulb as far as I’m aware, to stay in keeping with the image. You can’t just wack a standard LED bulb into a reflector designed for a halogen bulb unfortunately, as it won’t be focused correctly. You might also find that it messes with the finnicky Canbus electrics, so personally I’d stick to the original spec unless you intend to change the whole assembly.

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From what you say about the wiring, it would suggest that it should be a LED as they only draw a fraction of what a Halogen bulb would draw.
Canbus doesnt seem to be an issue because it didnt complain about the cheapo bulb. However, some LEDs have resistors to fool Canbus systems when replacing a traditional halogen bulb. The idea being thag Canbus expects the lamp to draw a certain amount of current and if it doesnt you get a warning that the bulb has blown.
So you need to check if the cheapo bulb had a built in resistor or indeed a resistor adapter harness. If not it confirms its expecting a low wattage LED.
Samurai has a point about focus. When LEDs first appeared many were badly made and the focal point could be out as indeed could the actual fitment. They are better now but it’s suck it and see.
On the plus side they can be very much brighter.
I have a H7 on my Spada and its brilliant, literally!.
I also have a British prefocus LED bulb in my Bantam and a pilot 10 watt light that I use as a daylight running light.
Wishing you brighter nights


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Thanks both Andrew & Samurai for your replies , My main concern was the high temperature on the plastic reflector and headlamp shell and of course the high draw on the wiring , I have re-fitted the original bulb !

I have since been in touch with a MG dealer who looked up on the parts list for the V7 850 E5 special and I was told the standard fitment for this model is a " H4 Halogen " bulb ! !
I asked about the high temperature and high current draw , they just said they assumed MG should know what they’re doing !

Given my experiences with my beloved V100, good luck with that!!!

Personally speaking, I would go for the LED solution!

What is it with Guzzis and headlight fittings? :wink:

Happy festivities everyone!


Thanks for all the replies…
Which make/brand/supplier of LED replacement headlamp bulbs has anyone fitted as a replacement to the standard H4 bulb to their canbus MG please ?
season’s greetings Derek