6 volt batteries

Anyone know of any reason why this can’t be used on a 6 volt bike, rather than the usual lead acid type?: Batteryitalianmotor2012-10-08 15:46:50

no reason what so ever
after all its a standard Lead acid combination

I was wondering whether it may not cope with being recharged continuously when on the move, as opposed to a charge overnight etc…but if you say there’s no difference

sorry chaps
you cant use it on a motorcycle
its a sealed lead acid battery designed for intruder alarms, emergency lights and power support
it will need to be charged at a constant voltage about 7.2 volts no more than 200Ma and using a full wave rectifier
a motorcycles charging system uses the battery to dump excess voltage and even a six volt system can kick up to around 8 volts at peak
the battery although lead acid contains the acid in a gel form with very very small vent holes
I have seen people use them on motorycles before after an hours use it will get very hot and the sides will swell up if you continue using it the internal resistance will go high and most likely cook your rectifier which on a 6 volt system is only half wave

A well explained version of what I thought was probably the case. Though I did see this person selling these that seem to be the same, and when I asked he said they were fine on bikes:

battery 2

What about 6 volt gel type batteries for bikes then, do they exist?italianmotor2012-10-08 18:27:45

not seen any but its probably not worth the production costs given the fw 6 volt motorcycles around
most are classic or vintage and some garden machinery
Yuasa etc do decent 6 volt lead acid batteries
you can even get dummy hard cases to hide them in
if the bloke said they are fine on bikes hes an idiot
I have only been a sparks for 35 years I may not be the brightest but I have seen plenty of others make the same mistake and the results are stunning
you see a lead acid battery can absorb excess electrical current and acts as a sort of capacitor thats why the acid sometimes needs topping up
you need the acid in liquid form to allow it to bubble
sealed lead acid batteries dont bubble they get hot swell up and go pop
been using them for years for standby systems
the advantage of a sealed lead acid battery is that in use the voltage output remains more consistent than a conventional wet cell
I know I spent years working on them for Chloride Gent
I have a local battery place in Cheltenham he supplies batteries although not by post
rapheal glynn2012-10-08 19:27:54

I can get a ‘wet’ 6 volt battery easily enough, just hoped there was something else available by now - the 12v Odyssey I use on my big Guzzi is sealed and I’ve had no problems with it at all.

aha but thats is a specialized battery not a burglar alarm battery you cna buy from maplins
some brit bikes have such weak charge systems it ould probably work for a while

The Oddysey is not actually sealed, it has valves on each cell.

I meant ‘sealed’ as in that that the liquid inside doesn’t spill out when you mount it sideways. I’ll try and find a cheap acid 6 volt one then, though I have written to the seller again above (battery 2) and he reckons he’s sold loads and there’s no problem on a bike, they use them on theirs.

been into Groves batteries this morning, I had trapped the breather pipe on my bike and split the batteyr case a little
new Exide 35 quid or yuasa as used by the police and ambulance bikes 40 Quid
so Yuasa it is
I showed him the pic of your battery
he said some years ago they had a client who raced a Rudge so they experimented with sealed lead acid batteries as the bike had no charger
result they were crap
went back to standard batteries and keeping them trickle charged
he said a Sealed battery like that with gell will swell up but most brit bikes the charger is so poor by the time you notice the warranty is out