6v condenser

Hi i have a problem with my stornello sport it starts up and ticks over o/k but after a run of 6or7 miles it faulters and stops.I have fitted a new coil but the problem persists so i suspect the condenser is the culprit.The question is where can i get a replacement.The condenser is mounted in a hole in the stator plate and all the ones iv,e looked at have the fixing bracket on the side.The ignition and valve timing are correct so any advice would be most welcome.
Cheers Syruphead

Try the Italian parts suppliers as listed. Can’t you just cut the bracket off and then stick it in the 'ole (condesnsor)?italianmotor2014-08-27 17:55:36

I got one from North Leicester Motorcycles, fitted perfectly. They are quite a common fitment, I think you will find the old scooters use the same item.Alternatively buy any 6V condensor and mount it alongside the coil under the tank, it will do the same job mounted up there.Vespa condensor

Hi Don
My condenser has 3 wires soldered to the top did you have 3 wires on the one you bought and if so did you solder them in place or wire them up differently?The reason i ask is because the one on ebay looks to have 2 wires with eyelets at the end and due to the odd way that the stornello is wired i dont want to make a mistake.By the way how is your stornello coming along.
Cheers Syrup head

Mine had 3 wires, one from the internal coil, one to the points and one going up to the HT coil under the tank. The replacement I bought had a thread and nut so bought some tiny crimp eyelets to put the wires on (I hate soldering)My Stornello is nearly finished, I have been waiting ages for a guy to paint the tank for me, after that there is just a tiny bit of fettling and it will be ready for its MOT

Don-Spada2014-08-30 17:23:54

Hi Don
I’ll get one from NLM and see if that does the job.

Not had mine running yet, but it does produce a good spark with one of theirs fitted.