750 Breva Bevel Box wanted.

As it says, my Bevel Box is us.
Anybody got a spare for sale?

what have you done to it ??
will a Nevada one fit,

Making a horrible whining noise.
The pinion and planet teeth are worn according to TB.
A Nevada one should be identical.
I am going to phone NBS at dinnertime.

If you have a spare Nevada box how much do you want for it?

sorry I dont have one, if I did you could have it free
I have seen a fair few being broken as they are a little unfashionable
there is one on ebay at moto guzzi spares in yourkshire he wants 180 for the swing arm and bevel box
it looks a bit scruffy to me and I would have thought about 80 quid to 120 quid max
he says best offer


Bit pricy for a secondhand one, at £180-00 but it is open to offers

got one for sale off a 650SP need to do some searching to see if it fits or internals the same

there are two types one with disk on the bevel and one with disk on the wheel

any bevel v35 - v7 race will fit aslong as the disk mounting is same

If it is correct I am interested.

Ray, have you got any good news for me?

The one i have is 650Sp and has the disc mounted on the bevel box side

Looks like it Nigel at NBS and a rebuild then.

Got an email from Nigel at NBS, done and £135.00 including p+p.
Now that is good.

thats cheaper than a secondhand one
I am so glad I joined this club finding Skilled technicians like Nigel, Tony Botto and Baldrick is worth the membership alone
ps I did not see you the other Sunday ??
Jack brought the Luftwaffe Motorbike along, it is fascinating

Not only cheaper but better.
Very pleased with the result.
Couldn’t make Sunday so have a good Christmas and an excellent New Year.

Ian I’m interested in the ‘failure’. Do you consider it premature with regard mileage and service history?

he hammers the nuts of it and rides it every day and for every thing
its a lovely bike
I dont think the failure is a known fault
just one of those things

I’d agree with Russell.
One of those things that happen. And at the price of repair not even a problem.
And as I have asked TB to give it the 100% service that Russell had then a minor part of the cost.

I reckon yours is about 13 years old like mine ?
It used to belong to Brian and I think he brought it back from Italy
how many chains and sprockets would you have killed in that time ?
I recollect you have done far more miles than me, all of my riding is touring so its quickly up to speed and then lightly loaded ( well apart from the fat git on it) whereas yours gets used for commuting and touring
Tony did a full service on mine
he replaced the high pressure fuel hoses, changed the fork oil and greased the head bearings wheel bearings checked the swing arm out, did all the oil and filters and plugs, and sorted the seized clutch pushrod and fitted a new sidestand switch ( I broke it)
and even fixed the sidestand that I managed to bend
a 3K tour around europe 2 up fully loaded no problems even at 13 years old
my friends new Honda has knackered its drive mechanism in 4 K miles ??
mind he is even fatter than me