750 Breva EFI Light

Hello All

The red EFI light has started coming on about 50% of the time when I’m riding my 2004 Breva. It started happening just before I put it away for the winter and it has continued since I got it out again about a month ago.

Sometimes it comes on just after I start the engine and stays on. Other times it comes on a few minutes into a journey and stays on. The rest of the time it doesn’t come on at all during the whole journey.

Can anyone advise me as to what this might be and how to fix?


I know nothing about it but if it’s been laid up for a while I might make a wild guess at a bad electrical connection (?)

The clocks and connector to them are prone to water ingress which gives symtoms in various forms and does sometimes result in the clocks failure. A squirt of electrical contact cleaner on the connector plug and pins may sort it. Or the fault could be at the ecu or associated connectors but I would have thought if elsewhere the bike would start t run rough.

Is there any way to check error codes on these models?

thanks mike/haydn

brian - i’m not sure if/how error codes can be checked

Yes, you can check the error codes, but it takes special software and connectors. See the other thread about V7 ECU Interface.The best thing to do is find a friend with the software, or visit the dealer to use their software. Often at Guzzi rallies there will be people that bring the electronic scan tools, so that’s an option.I like Hayden’s idea of cleaning the connectors. Also, there was a factory tech notice about the error codes coming up too frequently. They came up with two fixes. One was to re-route a cable to lessen electrical interference, and the other was a new map, to reduce frequent EFI lights. If your Guzzi dealer is good, they can give you the new map and re-route the cable. But a mediocre dealer might not even know of the improved map or the tech notice. And…while the new map should be relevant for the Breva, it was really designed for the V7 Classic, with the “old” (pre 2012) engine (which the Breva has anyway).And…actually there was another Guzzi tech notice about the Breva dash causing lights to be erratic. I don’t think that’s the issue here, either, but it’s worth noting.The relevant tech notices can be seen at the yahoo group for Guzzi 750’s: http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/MG_750/Go to the group’s Links page for Service Bulletins, and then go to the group’s Files page for two different Amber Light bulletins.

sign2162013-04-29 19:50:23

I trust those in charge of the Yahoo group are aware that Guzzi threatened to sue other websites for publishing service releases.

I’m not aware of that. Do you have details?

… but have to be a group member.

Ask the guys at Guzzitech.

look up TB motorcycles for his phone.Do not use the address on his site as he now has a better site in Didcot.If you are coming up on a saturdat give us a bell if you want.Ian.;’