750 Breva rear light bulb

Has anybody out there had any problems with rear light bulbs blowing on 750 Brevas.Its only the light fillament that blows not the brake light,i am getting through them at an alarming rate.Can led bulbs be fitted.

Almost certainly a problem with your earth wire. Run a new earth wire from the lamp housing back to the frame somewhere.

One tail light filament in 32k miles.

i have killed loads of them
its the vibration and the rubber mounts on the rear light
I tried an LED one but the difference between rear light and brake light was minimal
if the balance of the throttle bodies is out it will exacerbate the problem
or if like me you insist on revving the nuts of it and riding like an idiot

1 bulb in 48,000 miles.

Lemons have 2 rear bulbs …but theres only ever one workin at any given time…

Ok, thanks for all your advice,i will have a tinker with it and see how it goes.