750 Breva sidestand cutout

This has 3 wires.If I remove it which 2 do I connect and which do I leave free standing?

Have you thought out the insurace implications of doing this Ian?

Ian, can you access this?http://www.thisoldtractor.com/guzzi007/schematics/2004_750_Breva.gifThe side stand switch has three contacts, but only two are connected to the loom. The switch puts an earth (black) on to the green/red wire in the loom, or green wire into the switch.Thus I would assume the earth cuts the engine, so remove switch and leave wires unconnected, then make sure you never ride off with the side stand down.Of course if the engine won’t start in that mode then the earth alows the engin to run, so the blac and green (or green/red) wires need to be shorted.
Brian UK2013-05-08 09:57:46

Unless the green wire needs earthing to make the starter relay work, in which case connect green to black (brown is not connected to the loom) So I would try Brian’s idea first and if it doesn’t start connect the green and the black.

Oh, and as Brian said don’t ever forget to put your stand up!Chris950s2013-05-08 09:56:59

I have been riding now for 44+ years. Out of 2 H#ndas, 1 Ducati and 4 Guzzi’s only this one has a sidestand cutout and I have ocasionaly set off with the stand down, the scraping sound is quite distinctive and reminds me to raise it.I always use the first 100 metres to feel the bike out in case something has changed, especially after a pitstop and the sweep under the lhs silencer is automatic now, to make sure the stand is up and therefore my engine isn’t going to cutout.Actualy Allan, I hadn’t. Might think about that.

non destructive and tidy way to wire the sidestand switch out : follow the wires up the left side towards the tank, there is a connector where it plugs into the loom. You can make up a small jump lead that shorts across the loom side there, from memory there are only 2 wires at that point. The connection blades inside are smaller than standard 1/4" spade terminals, but the ones for car speakers from any car accessory place fit nicely (you get 2 sizes in the packet, can’t remember if its the larger or smaller of the set).

Thanks for all that.at present I have simply unbolted it and pushed the switch unit into sidestand up position and left it hanging there. This means that all I need say is that the bolt must have vibrated loose.This leads me to think that all it needs is a serious cleaning but not this w/e as I am off to the Last Drop Rally.On the legal aspect: if I ride off and drop it I am stupid and would probobly pay for the damage myself. The only thing CN claim to be interested in is either an improvement that increases power or one that makes the bike more desirable. This would be neither.Off course if some scrote steals my bike, crashes it and claims on my insurance I would be laughing. i can see the claim ‘after stealing the bike I crashed because I had left the sidestand down’.

iandunmore2013-05-08 11:45:50

It’s just that in the event of an accident, insurance companies would grab at any straws to avoid paying out, especially if they discovered a factory fitted safety device had been bypassed. Millions to one odds maybe, but if your left down sidestand led to the fatality of a third party, the uninsured consequences are too horrific to think about.I wouldn’t do it myself, most of my bikes have cut out switches, even the 33 year old Convert, never had a problem with any of them.

I agree with Biker Al, the other thing to consider is that if you always make sure your stand is up why is the cut-out a problem? The only reason I can think of is if you like to warm it up on tick over resting on the side stand?

As with many electrical items fitted by Guzzi, the internal contacts are not what they might be, thus sometimes have a tendancy to open all by themselves and cut the engine. Can be embarrassing.

My Convert won’t start with the sidestand down, so no tickover either. The Griso is just like modern BM’s I’ve owned, the stand only cuts the engine when you attempt to engage gear, so warming the engine while on the stand is possible.

As brian says, the switch is cutting the engine out at the wrong time.The small blocks have a rep for this.At present it is hanging loose (man) and not a problem.

If you stick a hidden switch on those wires.It makes a very effective anti theft device.
The standard key switch you can bang a screw driver in it and the bike will start and the steering lock is off.
Could be a option.

And as for insurance, Total bull .You lot will be worrying if you fit none OEM tyres next

I had the sidestand switch fail on my B750 (thankfully when under warranty). The end of the stand was being pushed sideways by the centrestand. It would cut out on bumps in the road as the centrestand bounced and pushed the sidestand sideways a bit more. Absolute pain to find the cause, as I was always investigating it when it was on one of the stands . Didn’t find the problem until someone else (Tim) was holding the bike upright for me so I could have a good look.Sure it is the sidestand switch? It’s probably the weakest link but it is part of a chain of multiple relays and multiple switches. The same symptoms can be produced by problems elsewhere, eg relays that are damp or not pushed into their socket fully (check the front relay on the B750, the seat cutout is not big enough and rubs on the relay)

Not total bull in my one and only claim on my bike insurance. I had the bike trailered to my garage after a spill on diesel at a roundabout. The insurance loss adjuster came to view it there a few days later. Clipboard out, over the course of an hour he went over everything on the bike, tyre tread depth, pressures, wheel bearings, in fact more or less a full mot. Begrudgingly he could find nothing wrong apart from the parts damaged in the accident.

Did he check the sidestand switch operation?

It was my old T3, nothing as sophisticated as a sidestand switch on that! The weirdest thing he checked was the clutch lever free play, even though half the lever was broken off…

Thing decided to stop my bike completely half way home Thursday.Discovered I had NO wire cutting device at all.Fortunatly the bloke whose house I stopped outside did so jury rigged and then proper sorted Friday am before going to the Last Drop Rally which was very good.

I disabled my sidestand switch, but just for a few days. My bike wasn’t running and I thought it might be the issue. Turned out I had bumped the kill switch and didn’t notice. I wrote a short tutorial on it back when I had free time: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sign216/sets/72157625678641324/Overall, keeping the switch intact is best. Although having quick connectors on the wires is handy.

sign2162013-05-13 12:33:24