750 Strada Petrol Leak

HI all Well some of you know I had my maiden voyage on the Guzzi.had put £10 worth of petrol in only went about 30 miles ish there and back ,ran out of fuel half way back,noticed a drip of fuel on the cylinder finning…

Can you think of anything that it might be?

Have done a compression test and they are both in the green but one sides on 140 and the other 130,have checked carburettors,going to clean the choke lines incase its sticking.

Theres a hole in my tank dear Liza, dear Liza…maybe…

that made me laugh .
Liza sounds good advice to me

What about the seal between the fuel taps and the tank? If it’s anything like my Monza or my Targa it will have a (2) threaded screw-on tap(s). If your Strada has been sitting idle for a while it’s possible that it may not seal perfectly anymore at this threaded union, or alternatively the rubber seal in the tap itself.

Just a possibility worth checking if there is no obvious hole in the bucket…I mean tank :slight_smile:


have you replaced all the fuel lines ?they can become porous10 years maximumfloat heights ?also if you get crud in the tank it can jam the pintles and cause the float chambers to overflow

Or just loose at the end(s).   Also they should a modern type resistant to ethanol in the petrol....