750 Strada/ Targa Air Filter Replacement

The air filter on my 750 Strada is between the engine cylinders and tight under the frame tubes. I do not want to remove a cylinder head to provide access. If I lower the engine by unbolting the upper and lower frame tubes how do I best support the bike and what components do I need to remove? Practical suggestions welcome.

Chuck the filter away and fit K & N’sNot sure about the specific details of a Strada but that is normally the way to go. It should be possible to fiddle the old filter out, maybe dropping the cabs off would get you a bit more space. Dropping the engine out seems a bit extreme. Have a read of a similar thread here
Don-Spada2013-10-06 01:16:32

First of all you should be able to get the filter out without pulling the whole bike apart. You will have to remove the carbs though, and perhaps the battery. If you do resort to pulling the bike apart, you crab the frame, pivot the back end up on the front engine bolt. You leave the engine alone, with a support under it. Look in the tech section of the main website and you will find instructions. Note, whatever you fit, you still have to get the old bits out, and fit some sort of oil separator in the breather which would have to go where the present filter housing is.
Brian UK2013-10-06 08:14:02

IF you replace the OEM rubbish filter with a K&N tyype one you WILL have to add

  1. A Monza/Le mans breather
  2. Increase the main jet in carbs by 10% easy to do get the jets and advice from Eurocarbs.

THIS is a well worth doing modification as the OEM filter is:-

Difficult to replace
paper so does cave in
does not really work as well as it should

By the way worth paying for K&N ones as they are Guarranteed for life and need servicing every 50-100,000 miles …JOB DONE once

Thanks guys for your observations. I have, with some jiggling around, replaced the air filter after removing the battery and the LH carb so that the air filter box could be slid back and tilted forward. This was made more difficullt as there was an extra housing on top of the air box to create a horizontal rather than vertical air entry path. I have ditched this as It only appears to restrict the air flow and make the filter change more difficult. I will not be changing to K & Ns as I want to keep the bike as near original as possible.

On a Monza you take the tank off. The hardest part is fixing all the bits back together, not getting it in and out.

It is alright keeping something origional BUT if you are going to use it, it is better for the bike.You and even resale to fit K&N’s you can always keep the useless OEM filter to put back in if you sell it.

The thing with Guzzis , like Harley they use old tech and really donot update much especially if is gonna cost them money.

There are many improvements that only enhance the machine

Air filters
Braided brake hoses
And when it needs it upgraded bearings/|Oil seals when it comes to replacement it makes sense.