750 V7 III Milano vibratory and harsh running

When I first bought my Moto Guzzi V7 III Milano I was delighted by its smooth running and general ease of use. Now however, after over 7,000 miles it is not running anything like as well and feels harsh and vibratory, almost like the ignition is too far advanced or the cylinders are not working evenly. Incidentally it does rev as it should and does not seem down on power.

I always use E5 fuel and it has been serviced by a Guzzi dealer as per the service schedule but this seemed to be the start of the problem and since then it has got worse. As a result of that I am reluctant to take it back to them to check it out (it is also a long way). I have also had the tyres changed to Bridgestones but I do not see that having a bearing.

Two things I have noticed: The spanner warning light is on (despite it having been serviced) and the engine management light, which used to go off with all the other lights after turning on the ignition now stays on until the engine starts.

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this problem or recommend smeone who might be able to help me because a bike that used to be a real pleasure to ride is now quite unpleasant by comparison.


If you have had it serviced and the spanner warning light is on I would take it back to the dealer to sort out. How far is a long way? It can’t be that far on a Guzzi! Is the bike under warranty?

It sounds like an engine management issue that will need a plug in diagnostic check. I hope you get it sorted.

Hi Chris,
It was serviced just before the due mileage and the spanner light came on just after the due mileage and the service.

A (non Guzzi) garage has said they did a diagnostic plug in check and found no problems.

The spanner comes on at a fixed mileage, if you get it serviced before that, it still comes on and needs reset. They should do this for free really but I’ve heard some dealers charge to get it reset again even if they did the service!
I never take my V85 in for service until the light is already on.

There is an issue with some bikes where the engine warning light comes on at high speed/rpm that’s related to a sensor reading. It stays on and won’t go off until ignition is turned off and on again.
Not sure if that’s what’s causing yours but it’s an easy fix with the Piaggio software the dealer has.
There are regional technical support guys from Piaggio that the dealers can contact for specific issues who should be up to date on issues with new bikes and how to fix them, e.g the surge issue on V85s. I read about the fix for this in gambalunga and my local dealer checked with Piaggio who confirmed what the fix was, so they took it in and fixed it free.

Throttle body balance/TPS issue?