750Breva clutch life

Mine has now done 42000 miles.
Has anybody worn a clutch out and at what milage?

27000, all going well.

Breva have the later cross cut v7 clutch and should last well

My v35 clutch was warn at 9000miles and the new v7 clutch bites much better

. My t5 was going strong at 60k

If I remember correctly - the light blue 750 Breva that was featured in the Gambalunga last year was still on its original clutch after 80K - what’s the mileage on it now? Was it Martins better half’s bike?

That’s interesting but her (I cannot remember her name, met her a year ago, very pleasant couple) bike only does long distance, not used for commuting etc.
Not Lorraines bike though.

Long distance Breva 750 article coming up in your full-colour Gambalunga!

Then I shall definitely resubscribe.
Not that there was any doubt.
If nobody has told you the last mag was a gem.

Not sure is it’s relevantly helpful but I changed the clutch on my V50 II at 48k miles. It felt like there was maybe a little slip going on at that point, though it still measured in tolerance when I pulled it out. That had enjoyed a mixed life of commuting and two up touring through Europe.

Thanks! Nobody told me!

TBH, doesn’t it kinda depend upon HOW it’s used? The 100k Breva has certainly done most of it’s miles sitting in gear for long period. Not much opportunity for clutch wear. On the other hand, mine tends to get used for commuting in London, where it’s constant stop/start/change etc., and my hand is hardly ever clear of the lever. (Although I’m starting to use clutch-less up changes when I remember; down changes not so easy!)

Of course, mine is not worn out yet at around 20k miles, although I have had to replace the clutch cable.

Kinda like brake pads - suspect if you live in the Alps then you’d wear them out pretty quickly too!

Yes my thoughts. I shall have to wait and see.
No signs of slipping etc yet at 43,000 miles of all round use.