750T colour

Another question, is the green colour of my 750T what is known as petrol green metallic ? I know some Spada’s used that, but not sure if it’s right for the 750T. I am going by what I have found on the RS website. Incidentally, looking on RS’s site, they only list the red for the 750T.
Of the 100 750Ts that were made, 50 were red, and 50 were green, so it’s a shame they only list the red !

This may help you, second page lists the V75T


Hi Don, thanks for that, looks like petrol green from what I can make out. I’ll investigate further, cheers, Tony.

It does give a Lechler code ref for the colour, so hopefully you might be able to get some made.
The other option is to try and find an area of paint that hasn’t faded with time, like inside the side panels or under the tank and see if someone will do a colour match.

Still mainly concentrating on getting the damn bike to run well, but as for the paint, noticed that the Ford Focus’ of around early 2000s vintage have a green that is very similar. I should have remembered, we had one (52 plate) a few years back.
Paint will definitely need doing now, a large gouge out of the top coat on the tank, courtesy of a 1904 Peugeot :slight_smile: