Just pondering does any one make a replacment ignition system to replace the moto plat  one?Â

Got one off Gutsibits a couple of years back.

Got one off Gutsibits a couple of years back. http://www.gutsibits.co.uk/pr/TheShop/index.php?q=motoplat&f=d&Model=14&search=SEARCH

Replacement Motoplat parts are available (but expensive) if your search for them (above). All excepting the condenser.
All this has been posted before, a search may be helpful. Â I have been unable to discover the Faraday rating of this condenser and therefore an alternative. If you (anyone?) has a working one they could test for capacitance … that would be groovy.

Alternative solutions include:
DynaSÂ https://dynacart.dynojet.com/p-1121-dyna-s-ignition-system-for-moto-guzzi-v35-v50-v65.aspx
SilentHektik http://www.motoguzzisales.co.uk/Silent%20Hektik.htm
IgniTech http://www.ignitech.cz/en/vyrobky