Guzzi 750T

Hello all; any particular opinions on the above ? I have a Monza and would like something ( as well ) a little more ‘toury’ and upright and better for pillion, luggage etc.

To the untrained eye they look like they should have cracked the same market as V7 did much later ?

Cant understand why so few were made / imported -25 ? So is there a reason…?



Mostly fashion at the time and not well advertised.
Those owners I have met have loved them.
Go for it.

They were totally uncompetitive at a time when power output and handling were the be all and end all, launched at the wrong time. A lot of people who might have gone for them were probably buying the new Hinckley Triumphs.

In today’s market power output is less important and retro is popular. A nice V75 might make a lot of sense, and the Targas with the same engine are already getting a bit more popular and increasingly well regarded.

The Lario which came out slightly earlier had a 4 valve motor which developed a reputation for bending valve stems. There may have been some feeling that the 750 cc capacity was a bit of stretch for the small block engine, although in practice I think these engines have been more or less OK as long as services have been done properly. I saw a very nice one with 80k miles on a few years ago.

Try it, you will probably like it.

Hi, they made exactly 100, for the UK market at the behest of 3X motorcycles. 50 were red, 50 were green. I have a green one now, and had a red one back in the early Nineties that was one of the 3X demo bikes. Basically identical to the Targa and 750 Strada, just cosmetic differences, I think a Mk111 V50 tank, seat and rear mudguard/light. With I believe a Quota headlight.
Much revvier than a big twin but more oomph than the other small blocks. Quite a nice all rounder really. Whereabouts are you ?

Thanks all for the replies - S Coast, near Chichester


I’m in Woking, Surrey. I am currently in the process of replacing pod filters with an original airbox, and it’s slow progress as I am moving house (locally) and have to work on the bike on my driveway as and when I have a little spare time. I hope to have her up and running within a couple of weeks, you could always try mine if you haven’t found anything by then. Despite being fairly rare they do come up for sale, and they do not fetch a particularly high price. Mine was £1400 just under two years ago on eBay and frankly it was overpriced for the condition it was in.

Thanks all for opinions and advice…took the plunge, a 750T joins the Monza ( and Triumph T100R) in the garage


Pictures please !

There must be a way to post them here, I’m guessing ?


According to info on the forum max size is 250kb per image. Or give us a link to a hosting site.

ps - you on the Dayt-owners Yahoo site or FB page ?

Re the last didn’t know there was a Yahoo site, or what one is !?

And FB is the work of Satan…! ( As is currently being proved, but I knew that anyway !)


will try and upload a pic later

There has been a long running yahoo forum for Triumph 350/500 owners on the site, you would find it on the ‘groups’ section. It’s run by Russ Gurney who lives down on the south coast. He started a FB page for the Daytona 50th anniversary last year, and we had a few get-togethers at various shows over the year to celebrate the model. I got a banner made by a TOMCC member to promote the stand, and I helped organise the stand for the Brooklands motorcycle show in July. I use FB to promote the Brooklands m/c team activities as well as our local VMCC section. I’m not daft enough to click on all that junk stuff that so many are keen on !
I take the view that if you are really bothered about keeping your privacy you should not have any online presence whatsoever.

Possibly worth repeating;

If you receive free on-line services then you are not the customer, you are the product.

Yes, virtually anything social, and I seem to remember that Yahoo had a few problems a while back.

Anyway, sorry, I rather hijacked the thread, was just interested in a fellow Triumph owner :smiley:

I don’t use any of that but so long as you know this I don’t see a problem.

My fault delivering my FB prejudice ! I had a look at the FB page for theDaytona the banners and regalia etc are brilliant ! I’ll look up the Yahoo thing. I’m on south coast so Ross may not be far away…


Russ :wink:

yeah spotted that after I sent it…!


My T100SS has a Daytona engine in it :smiley: