79 1000 sp

Hi all
Haven’t had my old girl very long high miles and rattling a bit top end,checked tappets not really bad but reset anyway,still noisy someone did mention that the rocker shafts can wear which could contribute to the noise anymore info would be appreciated happy to clear up the little jobs ect,had a similar issue with my Commando only with that it’s usually the indent in the top of valve stem that gives you a false setting.

Guzzi engines are usually quite rattly from the tappets. Air cooled engine with fairly large clearances are the cause I assume.

Try turning the rocker spindles round 180 degrees. If they have never been turned, they wear very badly owing to the torsional load through the rocker arms.

When you remove them (20 minute job) you will see exactly what I mean.

But as has already been said, the aircooled engines do have noisy top ends.

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Hi all thanks for that will give it a try.

You say high mileage. High enough that the camchain or adjuster are worn out?
I believe a tell tale sign is that the ignition timing bounces around. I changed mine to gears about 30 years ago so I don’t have much experience of this. Others will know better.

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If there is sign of a clattering from the front timing cover, it may be the cam chain. It would originally have had a manual chain tensioner. This should have been replaced with a later auto tensioner by now as most Guzzi owners are aware of the shortcomings of the manual tensioner. 30k is when the chain starts hitting the outer casing.
This is the auto tensioner ( photo pinched from a random Facebook post as I’m using my phone & not got access to my own photo library)


Cheers for that,am gathering info that certainly helping me out.