8 Valve Survey


Apologies, I know this has been done to death, but is there anywhere on this forum where I can read the 8v Cam failure survey and Piaggio’s response, perhaps it could be stored in the FAQ section ?

I’ve recently joined as have purchased my first Guzzi in over 20 years, a very low mileage Griso. I’d done some research and was under the impression the issues were confined to pre 2010 bikes and had no idea of what seems to be the true extent of the problem. Anyway, now I’m paranoid about it, I’m capable of checking the clearances myself, (what’s this about plug caps that can’t be removed without earing them ?) but will ensure the bike is dealer serviced. Such a shame as it is my first ‘new’ bike in 10 years and I really like it.


Some bikes suffered cam wear most have not. Guzzis initial response and service was inconsistant the club carried out a survey of members and got Guzzi to admit a problem in manufacture. The club also got Guzzi to honour repairs out of warranty provided the bike is kept dealer serviced.Just ride the bike and enjoy .If you want a copy of the response from moto Guzzi please send a stamped addressed envelope to Sue Nock the PRO at the address to be found in the magazine with your membership number and she will be only to happy to send you a photocopy of the clubs letter and piaggio’s responsep.s I had my stelvio cams replaced at 6000miles and have had no more problems sinceRegards Keith

8 Valve Eagle2013-02-15 16:23:37

I have a 2009 Griso Se that also had the cams replaced but at 11700 miles and I have done 1800 miles on it since, no problems so far. To be honest mine did not fail they were replaced as a prevention due to the fact they did look worn when looked at by the dealer.

Just about every new bike in the world nowadays has recalls… as has been said …ride it …enjoy it… get it sorted IF it fails as you would with any other car or bike

I would think that the vast majority of early 8v engines have been covered by the recall. As mentioned by others not all bikes were affected but had the cams and followers replaced just to be sure.I believe it was a problem caused by a metal hardening procedure during the manufacturing process. I’ve also read that for some strange reason european models were affected more than others worldwide.These are very hot running flat tappet engines, they require a good quality engine oil and preferably one with a decent amount of ZDDP additive. It is not unheard of for flat tappet engines to have excessive wear in the cam and follower area due to some modern oils being deficient in ZDDP.I change my engine oil at 3000 miles instead of the manufacturer’s reccommended 6,000mls, and have started to use Valveoline VR1 10/60 synthetic blend racing oil as it is supposed to have a decent amount of ZDDP in it. Valveoline reccommend this oil for some Moto Guzzi engines, amongst others.Just be glad you haven’t bought a modern BMW or you’d have to worry about all kinds of final drive problems and fuel pump controllers etc;
fatal2013-02-15 18:58:19

Thanks for the replies. I’m just a natural worrier. It actually got serviced at 400 miles using Agip 10/60. Probably shouldn’t google on the internet ! Cheers

TonyG I am the same as you, I worry about the cam issue even knowing that mine have been changed. I was on a Guzzi site in the US and they were talking about it on that site and I commented on my worry and a well know Guzzi expert named Pete Roper came on and told me straight, if I worry about it then sell the bike because I will never enjoy the bike as I should. He said he has tried to get his to fail just to see why it happens but he just can’t. When I did look around to see what people were saying about the problem I found a lot of posts on a number of forums but on reading them I found that it was a lot of posts about the same 1 or 2 bikes and if you removed these posts you would find many more saying how good the bike/engine is and that they have had no problems at all.

Yes, I remember Roper’s reply, I think it was a ittle more forceful than that.But he has got a very high mileage early Griso which has never failed, and as he said, he wants it to fail so that he can find out what is going on. In fact there have been almost no failures in Australia, the suggestion is that they all do only long distances, and the more european idea of just pootling down to the local cafe a few miles away might be a part of the problem.
Brian UK2013-02-15 22:39:23

Yes it was a bit more forceful I agree, but what he said was true about selling the bike. I am keeping my Griso and I am just riding it and enjoying it. If I remember you have said about a number of 8V engines that have done high millage and have been fine. I’m sure mine will be fine as well.

Eddie Cox2013-02-16 06:27:09

There was an old Ogri cartoon with Ogri taken for a blast on the back of “Lunge” Malcolm’s bike after a rebuild… Hurtling down the road, Mal leaned over the tank O sat on the back with the Newkie to lips when over the next few frames you get Mal’s thoughts…

“What’s that noise?”
" Sounds loud?"
Is it the …
Must be the …

Then a hard brake with OH MY GOD WERE GONNA DIE! from Malcolm

Of course “God’s teeth Malcolm what’s goin 0n?”

I always think of that when I see there sort of questions

I guess some things are no different that when I park up one of my Guzzis and get some Sm…Person comming over with the

“Oh Guzzi, electrics not too good on them mate, does it keep breaking down?”

So what’s so different???

If I am on the V11 I point out the switchgear …same as a Firestorm!!! if on the V1000 Weeeel it IS over 37 yrs old HAS covered 1/4 of a million miles* and ONLY ever been trailered for punctures OR when I have botched summat!"

*By the way do the Maths that us UNDER 7000 miles a year So it is NOT as high a mileage as it sounds, funnily enough the very best yrs for smooth running was when it was my ONLY transport and I covered 250miles a week just on the work commute, Never missed a beat… The WORST year I recall was when I had it garaged over the Winter Months and just did not use it at all the next Summer there were loads of niggly silly problems, oil leaks, and just silly stuff never have done that again keep it in use and any day I can I use a bike…

I read those forums as well, think the fact that this club did a survey worried me more. I’ve had lots of bikes that had reputations for unreliability, 70s bonneville that never broke down, 1980 900ss that never had a single electrical problem, or any other for that matter, and in those days my bike was used all year round in all weathers. As you say there must be lots of variants of the 8v motor running around with no problems. I think I’m a bit more emotional about this bike as there is something special about it. Might even get out for a ride today ! Cheers

Yes I agree, I think I worry more because it cost me £6000 to buy the Griso and if I ever had the cams go on it I don’t think I could afford to get it fixed in fact I know I can’t.

Would Piaggio honour a claim outside the warranty ? I guess it depends on how far outside. Not sure how much it would cost to rectify, especially if you have to clean the oil pump etc., as suggested by Pete Roper.

Guzzi have said they would honour a warranty claim out side warranty so long as the bike is dealer serviced and the wear is excessive for the miles. So just ride it and enjoy
8 Valve Eagle2013-02-17 16:01:08

Yep I love my Griso and I do ride it as much as I can, Going over to France on it in May and I can’t wait.

Going to France, I’m jealous, haven’t been on a long trip for ages. Weather was great today, went down the Ace Cafe.

Yes it should be good fun. While we are talking about the Griso, how many club members own one? What I would like to arrange and I don’t know if this has been done for any of the other Guzzi models before but what would be nice, would be to get as many Griso owners together for a few photos and also we could meet up and exchange stories of the problems we each have had if any or just to talk about how much we like the Griso.

I’m up for that, perhaps should post in the Banter section, or is there any way of getting it in the magazine ?

Eddie, contact Uki, our membership sec, she might be able to help.

Hi folks,

My 08 Stelvio has had 2 failures and a recall done. All seems to be fine now, if they’re going to go, they’ll probably do it sooner rather than later too. It’s been said a lot but it can’t be over-stressed:

a) ride it and enjoy it!
b) in the unlikely event it fails, get it fixed - return to a)

And just to be on the safe side, keep those oil changes regular and with the good advice of lube above.