850 Griso. Do they exist in the UK?

I’m a relative newcomer to the Guzzi world, so please excuse my ignorance.
I’ve only just become aware of the fact that this bike exists, but it does seem to have something in common with the 850 Breva. They are both quite rare in this country, or their owners love them so much that nobody wants to part with them. I’ve not seen either of these bikes for sale in the short time that I’ve been browsing “for sale” ads and have to wonder if they were actually sold in the UK. Does anyone own one of these bikes? If so, I would be interested to hear opinions of them.

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I don’t think the 850 Griso or Breva were were imported officially into the UK. The only CARC era 850 officially imported was the Bellagio. A sweet engine apparently

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From the responses I got on FB, that appears to be the case.
The smaller Griso looks more sylphlike to my eyes than the larger ones do, I would love to see one in the flesh. I say smaller, but from the spec’s I’ve seen, they appear to be the same weight as the 1100 and 1200.

Never officially imported & sold in the UK
The motor is a short stroke version of the 1064 cc 2 valve. It looks different to the 1100 / 1200 Griso’s because there’s no oil cooler hanging off the RH side of the motor

Short stroke 2 valve motor supposed to be smooth, but nearly 25% less torque - 70 Nm compared to 89 Nm of the 1100

Not for me, one of the best characteristics of the 1100 2 valve motor is it’s chunky torque from low revs