850 Special Touring Equipment

Hi All,
I’ve recently become the owner of a 2022 V7 850 Special. I would like to set it up for touring and would welcome any recommendations regarding:

  • Centre Stand - Hepco & Becker or OEM?

  • A rear rack (for luggage not a top box).

  • Fender extender?

  • Full Screen - I like the look of the old 850 T3 Cali screen but am uncertain if I could get one to fit as the clocks on my V7 look a little further forward over the headlight than on the old Cali’s. Failing that, any other recommendations?

  • Aux Power Socket - I am considering using a DIN socket that I have lying around. I have an adapter for USB that would fit the DIN and power the satnav, giving a bit of versatility. Not sure where to mount it at this stage.

I anticipate using soft panniers that I already have.

Any other thoughts or recommendations would be welcomed.

Thank you in anticipation.


2021 V7 850 here – I use a Puig Touring 1 screen, clamps to handlebars, dead easy to fit. Not super big but it keeps the wind pressure off my chest, without it I felt like I might be blown off sometimes and had to grip the 'bars rather tightly!

Battery has a Optimate lead connected with a 2-pin SAE connector. There’s a 2-pin Superseal socket under the seat for ‘USB’, I have a USB adaptor permanently connected, it has 2 USB outlets, and is clamped to the handlebar. Even includes a Voltmeter! I had to make sure it’s weatherproof tho, taking it apart for PCB lacquer and electrical grease. I also had to change the plug to Superseal of course, and use a thinner connecting lead.

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Hi Mike, thanks for the reply. The screen looks interesting. I don’t plan to have one on all the time, just for touring, so removable is useful. I find the wind-blast helps to preserve my licence!

I’ll have a look under the seat for the socket you referred to. The bike is new to me, so I’m not very familiar with it yet.


I have the Puig on my Breva
its excellent, keeps all the water and wind of my hands , and just directs a nice jet of air onto my chin piece, I hate tall windscreens , you might as well drive a car
also when feeling tired, I can open my visor and the fresh air keep me awake
i got fed up with the clamps on the bars, they look a bit 70s like old brit bikes
however I found that the upper yoke ( please do not use the term triple tree or I will be forced to send the boys round !) is drilled and tapped for fitting the Guzzi screen, so with a bit of thinking I altered the brackets and it looks much nicer without the ugly clamps, and more like a Mandello designed fitting

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Got a photo?

I will try to upload one, but I have a new pc
designed by a teenager
lets see what pops up

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also one of the original rather chunky mounts, I think it was the struts coming back that hurt my eye

Oh that’s way better, keeps them down and out of the way of the clocks too as well as removing clutter from the handlebars. Nice job :+1:

Its my Italian Genes
I like things to flow and appear is if they are part of the machine
its fairly easy to do, and I am sure the modern top yokes are pre drilled just the same

Bang tidy! Nice work :ok_hand:

I get the removeable screen idea, e.g., it’s summer so shouldn’t need it, until the next torrential downpour then wished I’d kept it on! :grin:

thats why I chose the Puig, its lets enough air to my face on a hot day, but I often travel late at night, and keeping my hands warm and the wind blast of my chest is a great benefit, I never remove mine, even in Italy in the heat it was not a problem

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