850 T3 Clutch grab???

Hi there.
I have noticed that on the initial let-out of the clutch there is quite a bit of grab.
At first I put it down to my lack of dexterity, but I am sure that all is not well.

Once I get past the initial “Surge” it seems OK and the clutch operation seems smooth and progressive - it’s just that initial “Bite” that is a pain in traffic.

I would not have thought it was down to plate contamination, but I am happy to be advised otherwise.

The Lever, Cable, and clutch fork are OK with no trace of bind.

Any ideas, or diagnosis suggestions, Please?

Thanks in anticipation.Pete2014-05-19 17:25:57

Could well be either the gearbox input hub or flywheels tabs that are notched.Gives a very sudden on/off feel when extream.

He means the splines. G/box input boss certainly can get hammered. My old one was so bad I had serious clutch drag.

Before you go that far check out the pushrod and bearing from the back of the gearbox.

Thanks for your replies, guys; as ever I will check the easy to get to bits first; though I do recall a similar issue many years ago on a Beeza that turned out to be drum-related with wear on the cush drive centre, so it could go wonky-bent…

Had this on me lemon, turned out to be the centre boss…

Bought one of those cheap clutch kits from a German supplier and this happened after only 12000 miles. The hub splines were heavily ridged and the new non hardened plain plate had damaged teeth, pattern springs were poor as well.Have replaced all with genuine and much better.

Yes I wouldn’t really have pattern parts for this kind of thing, there’s also stories of non-original friction plates disintegrating.

I will try to get a look at the weekend, thanks once again for all the input and assistance, much appreciated!!!

Firstly, thanks for all the input in terms of potential causes.

I finally managed to get all the rest of life out the way and got a couple of hours to check the bike out.

I had a spare clutch hub (as you do) but that clearly had seen better days so that was not an option to “simply” drop in; so in true lazy man’s tradition, I thought I’d check out the actuation mechanism more closely.

The bottom line is I managed to clean up the clutch pivot and push rod bearing and it has mitigated the symptoms to a large degree.

It has got to the point that you can “drive round it” but you can feel the pinion climb up the crown wheel so that it is still dragging a little.

Never mind, it will get me through summer and a more detailed investigation / dismantling / replacement can be performed in the winter.

Thanks once again.