850 T3 Drive shaft boot

Looking for a drive shaft boot in the UK for the above. Don’t see one listed with Gusibits…they are available from outside the UK.
Any advice?

I needed to replace both the engine and gearbox seals. I am a novice and wonder if there is anything else I should consider before putting it together again.?

Thanks….I have the assistance of an Actual mechanic….but I am trying to source the parts needed.

It’s worthwhile changing the main gear lever return spring whilst you are in there plus have a good look at the state of the clutch plate for wear. Make sure it is well within limits as it is not a job you want to do too often.
You could also check the gearbox shimming whilst you are in there, I did mine a few years ago and didn’t notice a lot of difference. Details here, they will also help with the general stripping and rebuilding

If you need a workshop manual, parts book etc, have a look at The Guzzitek

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Thanks for your reply…I think my message gave the impression I was a novice mechanic. All I was trying to say was I am not familiar with the engine and gearbox and those in the know often, as you have done, give decent advice. The clutch is good.Found a loose nut in the gbox :frowning: . Gusibits are on holiday I think.

The part number is 18548000 for the rear disc brake T3 it is available at Gutsibits when they are back from there hols.
A loose nut doesn’t sound good, I assume it hasn’t done any damage.

Thanks again……re the nut, it was just a question of time. I dread to think what the consequences would have been when it eventually dropped off. The oil leak was lucky for me ;).

I have a spare drive shaft boot. Not brand new but in perfect condition. Just looked on Gutsibits they call it u/j gaiter boot. 5 in stock

On Gutsibits, search ‘Gaiter Universal Joint’ under ‘850T, T3, T4, G5, Convert, 1000 SP, Cali 2’, it’s there. 5 in stock as of now.

You can order online, but they won’t answer the phone until January 3rd when they reopen.

Thanks…found it and ordered also
gearchange return spring since it’s a sensible thing to change when it’s apart….thanks for all the advice :slight_smile:

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Hi i believe stein-dense in Germany have these! .
I would consider replacing the universal -joint support bearing in the swinging arm while its all apart & the thrust bearing on the clutch pushrod while access is easy- also grease the clutch operating arm as well! as the pivot is prone to seizing up i can recommend ali-slip grease for this!

Maybe get the wheels rebuilt at the same time……

Good advice from all but eventually a line has to be drawn otherwise it turns into a full Resto (and then it’s too clean to use)

I’m sure Feynman won’t mind my sarcasm, we are old school pals!


But it’s an old bike, so check everything … if something else isn’t right and not dealt with now, you’ll just be going back in there again later …

UJ’s can unobtrusively wear out then break … the boss in the support bearing inner race always goes loose and sloppy, it’s a known weakness.

Unless you have evidence of previous work done or parts bought, e.g. invoices from PO.