850 T3 Windscreen

Any suggestions for a traditional look screen for the 850 T3, would prefer clear to tinted?

What is it that you are asking? The OEM T3 California screen is generally available, but (as far as I am aware) only comes as ‘tinted’ - although that is, in my opinion, a very light tint

Are you looking for something for a T3 ‘roadster’? If so, what functionality are you looking for? Full-on touring screen, all-weather keep the crap off screen, or shorty looks-good keeps a bit of wind off your chest fly screen?

We can help you better if you focus your need a little more, and perhaps be clear about whether you are talking about T3 ‘standard’ or California models.

Thank you Barry. My bike is a standard T3 not Cali. I don’t necessarily want the full barn door effect like the OE screen, but I want more than a flyscreen, something in between that gives reasonable protection. Just wondering what other members have used and where the sourced their screens.

Thanks for clarifying. I have, in the past, run a 1000SP in ‘roadster’ trim (that is, it came to me without its original fairing and legshields), so not at all dissimilar to a ‘standard’ T3. I ran a couple of screens on that, both made by GIVI, and both from their ‘universal fitting’ range.

The first was a flyscreen, which you say you don’t want, but just for info: it was an ‘A210’ and fitted behind the indicator stems where they tighten into the headlight. Surprisingly secure once sorted, and it took the windblast right off my chest. Tinted, and not aware that it had a ‘clear’ option.

The other, larger screen was fitted in the winter months and gave a bit fuller protection: an ‘A34’ with their (D45) 4-point fitting kit - two connectors to the bars, and two to the upper fork legs. Bit of a faff, as I remember, getting it to fit ‘just so’ (needed 3 hands!) but solid once tightened down, and it did a good job. Again tinted, and again, not aware that there is a clear option. FWIW, if I were to fit that one again, I’d ‘dry fit’ it, and once happy with the placement, I’d then apply loctite to all the screws and perhaps a small dab of something to the plastic parts - a couple of my fittings went AWOL, but the supplier happily sorted extras for me.

GIVI have a fair few options in their ‘universal range’, some clear, some 2-point some 4-point fixings. I found what I wanted on their site, but then had to shop around (online) to find what I wanted in stock, and at a reasonable price.


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