850 V7 Tyres - anyone used Bridgestone?

Hi folks, my 2021 V7 850 Stone Centenario has 4000 miles on it and the rear OE Dunlop is getting worse on damp roads and road imperfections, tramlining increasingly. I had the traction control kick in accelerating out of a village on a straight, damp road the other week so I think it’s time for fresh tyres.

Appreciating that they have their fans, I found the Dunlops ok for the first 2000 miles or so but they started tramlining after that so I’m looking at Bridgestones. They have the BT46 (available in 100/90 - 18 and 150/70 - 17) and T32 (available in 110/80 - 18 front 150/70 - 17 rear). The T32 isn’t available in the Guzzi’s recommended 100/90 - 18 size but (according to the internet) some riders have fitted 110/80 - 18 fronts.

Has anyone tried either of these, and if so how do you find them compared to the OE Dunlops?

I hade Bridgestone tyres on my 1100 sport and they were very good. Now my 750S replica is almost ready for rubber I am looking at Bridgestone Battlax BT-45 100/90 18 56V front and 120/90 18 65V rear. I used to use Metzelers back in the 80’s and 90’s Laser ME11 front and ME99 rear but they don’t make them anymore. I could fit Metzeler Lasertec 100/90V 18 front and 120/90H 18 rear but as the rear is only H rated I am a bit worried that it will work with the 950cc twin spark large valve engine with 36mm carbs that I now have.

Of course none of this is of any use to you as I have just realised that you have a virtually new bike! Doh! :upside_down_face:

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I looked at Avon roadrider, Michelin road classic Bridgestone BT46 when I hit 10k miles and decided that the dunlops were now too square. Realised that all the above were considered an upgrade on the dunlops so ended up with the Avon roadriders. Instantly they felt better and more responsive in corners than the dunlops had ever been. Can’t give you a long term view as they’ve only done a thousand miles but from the above I would just pick what’s in stock or which has the best deal at your chosen garage.

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I’ve used Bridgestones on various bikes over the years and always found them to be excellent tyres in terms of grip and wear. I have Battlaxes on my Griso 1200SE and they really suit the bike, the handling is fabulous. Based on my experience, if you can get a tyre combo to fit, you won’t be disappointed.