850to 1000cc conversion

hi all
i run a 1976 t3 850 which is suffering a bit of top end wear and due replacement barrels pistons rings etc
A friend has offered me some low millage jugs from a v1000 g5 which i am considering using.
my question is-
i seem to remember hearing that if you do this you need to adapt or modify some component to allow fitment
what needs to be done and what is involved ,and once it is done can you still go back to 850 barrels and pistons if you want to at a later time?
thanks for any info

If you want to return to standard cylinders later you’ll have to have the barrel spigots turned down to fit the 850 cases, otherwise you have to have the crankcase mouths opened up but then there is no way back. Had mine done by Raceco, along with some other engine work, cam etc.

The pros and cons and general information of this conversion is also literated in guzziology, well worth getting if you haven’t already.
Also it might be worth looking at the stein dines website as they do cylinder kits that will fit straight in without modifications, it may end up cheaper than messing about with the G5 cylinders.