90mm round fin head gasket

HI, I’m having trouble getting 90mm round fin head gaskets for my LM2. I’ve waited about 6 weeks and i’ve just heard that it could be a couple of weeks or a couple of months. :frowning: I have seen this post on Wildgoose (link below) and the consensus is that the 88mm will fit and also, the 90mm Gilardoni kits had 92mm head gaskets. Which are available. any thoughts? does anyone know if copper gaskets are worthwhile and who makes them? help!!! i’m suffering Guzzi withdrawal symptoms and I need my fix.

I remember looking into the possibility of head gaskets for my 1150 race engine…which was built by Ammo…if I remember rightly I googled something like…bespoke head gaskets in Stoke on Trent (where I live)…am sure I found somebody tho ultimately I never had to have a head off…long winded way of sayin google it…


give em a try…

I know its not quite the same, but i made my own from a sheet of copper for my old BSA M21, don’t see why it would be a problem making them for an ole push rod Guzzi.

Its a long while ago but in 1990 i got two copper head gaskets from O&S engineering.
they are still fitted and have not caused any problems.
They do however need to be fitted using a sealant to stop oil leaks

just get a top end kit from edd

I’ve got a couple of request’s for info from some bespoke gasket makers. I’ll post the results when I get them. I’m thinking of getting the 92mm gaskets (which are in stock), I’m sure the 88mm would work as well. The upside is, get the bike running properly and then get the paint job done, obviously It’s open to debate as to what might be the best way to go on size. The overlap on the cylinder sleeve makes me think it’s gonna make little difference to performance but at my age that ain’t an issue. thanks for all the reply’s and views. A V