93 Cali'3 carb model, Digiplex, Rev counter

Rev counter needle has decided to swing several hundred rpm up and down for the first few miles of the day. Then settles down as normal. Apart from assuming it’s about to die, is there anything that may cause this?

engine stutters briefly after a few hundred yards, then all is well. I’m going to drop the float bowls, see if there is any shit in there. Don’t see why this would only happen when cold, but, it’s an easy option.

Just found this on Guzzriders. org.

Cali III will have an electronic rev counter. It will be connected to one of the coil primaries.
Unfortunately they are not the most reliable instruments.

This new forum is just so odd, topics posted ages ago suddenly come up as Suggested topics. I used to just click on unread and it came up with a list of posts that I have not read,

Any way, back to the subject, my 88 Cali 3 with an electronic tacho has always done the same. As you say, it settles down after a short while. Just one of lifes curiosities.

I went through the wiring diagram. Then removed all the relays and fuses, cleaned them with contact cleaner. As the starter relay is the same as the Digiplex relay, I swapped them over. My thoughts being the Digiplex relay is powered all the time the bike is running. The starter, well obvious really. LOL
I also took the covers off both relays, took one side of the contacts apart, cleaned them up, and the contact that is fixed.
I think that either the relay points were not good, or the relay terminal base was dirty.
Before the bike ran really bad, for a couple of weeks the rev counter bounced, but then settled down. must have got worse, as then bike cut out a couple of times.
On one occasion when it died on me, I removed the seat, and wiggled the relay and it fired again, got me 25 miles home.
Reading this, it was probably the dirty relay base.

Don get your contact cleaner out. :slightly_smiling_face:

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