95 Cali Steering Damper bushes

I’ve just found that the steering damper on my Cali works perfectly, but the rubber bushes either end are dead!!

Gutsibits don’t sell the bushes so does anyone know who might

Tris, what size are the bushes? I don’t have any steering damper bushes but what I do have a some rear shock bushes, you know the ones that have a metal bush with a rubber outer. I’m pretty sure I have some Girling ones somewhere. If you can give me diameters I could see if they may fit with a bit of tweeking.

cheers RBT
I suspect I won’t be lucky though all the shock bushes I’ve found so far have been much bigger.
IIRC these are 16mm long and 14mm smallest ID

I’d appreciate your have a look see

The way that the oem damper is supposed to work - friction from the bushes on the piston - is pretty pathetic. It becomes slack and inoperative very quickly. I don’t think the Calis need it, unless you’ve altered the front end or maybe have a chair fitted.
Mine’s been running without it for years.
(Just checked- it’s still in the shed, thought I’d dumped it)

Agree with N2-UK, you only need the damper if running in new front shocks etc.
Under normal conditions not needed.
This was for mt T3 and LM111 but they’re all the same.

Funnily my damper works perfectly and is adjustable from barely damping at all right the way through to very stiff

Re dumping the damper.
How do you stand with the insurance. Wouldn’t dumping the damper be considered as modifying the bike since the OEM obviously thought it was necessary to have on in the first place?.

Phone up your insurers and ask them.
The standard reply I get from CN is that they want to know about anything which increases power or makes the bike more stealable.

Hi tris, just had a look at some bushes and compared them to pics of a Cali steering damper on the Stein-Dinse site.
I take it the ones you mean are the ones at the end of the rod and attached to the main body?, if so mine are much too big both in dia. and height, sorry. If it is different ones you are needing let me know.



Yep they’re the ones Robert and thanks for checking

MG can’t be the only people in the world using these little bushes but they’re proving difficult to identify. Do scooters/light bikes and the like have smaller shock mounts?

I wouldn’t think they would go that small. What I would be tempted to do is give Gutsibits a call and ask if they have a knackered damper in their used items, maybe one whose actual damping characteristics are gone, they may have one with good bushes. They are good ppeople to deal with and may be able to source something for you.
You could also try Reboot.