'95 Nevada 750 chafed wiring under mudguard

Good morning all. I’m just about to start fixing the rear wiring on my '95 Nevada. Ridden through a couple of noticeable dips on the (motor)way to the office over the last couple of years, the rear tyre has eventually chafed through the wiring loom under the rear mudguard, close to where it exits to the connectors at the front. I’m quite tall and heavy, and one of the Bitubo shocks is leaking a little oil, and I’ve not been running them with any air in them either ( :blush: ).

Is this a common occurrence, or should I just put some air in them and lose a little weight?

If it is common, what’s the best solution? Run the loom under the seat and re-enter away from the contact area, at the rear of the mudguard, or externally along the LHS of the bike and enter at the same sort of point?



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I should have deleted it.
I tried posting on another thread and kept coming up with access denied.
Probably something at work as it all works fine now.

I would think it is better to route the wiring above the mudguard or if below run it along the edge away from the tyre. Otherwise get stronger rear springs or contact weightwatchers :wink:

^ What he said, my Bantam was like that, loom under the rear mudguard, clips that rust off and I thought only BSA would be that daft. Apparently not!

If you can read that then I can’t be your foe anymore Mike :smiley:

Thank guys. Rerouting it is. One question, though; am I right in thinking that 5 amp cable will be adequate for the job (taillight, stoplight, rear indicators)?

Too late for Weightwatchers, too parsimonious for stronger springs…

And once it has an MoT, I’ll be selling it anyway; I’m downsizing - well, getting rid of (nearly all of) my old clunkers - and the FJR1300, Bulldog and one VX will have to do.