'95 Nevada 750 speedo drive

The speedo has stopped working on my '95 Nevada 750 (22K miles so far). Easy! I thought; broken cable. But no; twiddling the wheel end of the cable produces a healthy twitch of the needle, so the cable is intact.

I hope it’s the drive tang - much cheaper than a complete speedo  drive box. Could anybody give me a steer on whether that is the most likely cause of the problem, or will I probably need to shell out for a new drive box assembly?

Thank you in anticipation…Â

I do not personally know this fault but have read elsewhere that repairing the wheel part is a much better option if you have a pattern to copy and access to welding gear etc.
Exsmoking on the ‘other’ forum may be your best bet.
say helo from me.

Looking on the Gutzibits (sp?) site it looks like the drive is off the front wheel, same as a V50 - if that’s the bit you mean?


That being the case I can report that this item has all the integrity of edam chees and is prone to seizure and breakage. I pull mine and pack with grease annually. If the tag has actually torn off you can just
snip a new bit out from some old baked bean can or biscuit tin and soft solder it on.

That is a more technical version of my post.
Have a like.

This is off my V65sp, there will be a difference between speedo drives for some of the small blocks, mostly to do with the ratio set up, the older small block drives V50/65/75/35 also appear to differ a bit in design from bikes like your Nevada, so kept to the right one for the bike, check Teo Lamers (Holland) site for 31762562 . photos etc
a simple weld on a tag repair looks like the way out if it is down to a broken tag, once a year removal and regrease is the order of the day, price for a new one well sit down before you check!.

Thank you, gentlemen. No real consensus on what the specific faulty component is likely to be, so I’ll just have to whip it off and take a look.Â

I realise this is 8 years late, but can’t resist commenting. Almost always, the cause of speedo failure is that grit/dirt/water/dust enters the VEGLIA speedo worm drive which operates via a ‘tang’ which engages with front wheel. The VEGLIA drive is robust and simple, but the slightest pickup/seizure will stop the tang moving in the front wheel. As the tang is soft metal, it just bends, rather than causing damage. Then you need to 1. dismantle the VEGLIA drive (a circlip - and dried grease - hold the bits together), wash in paraffin until sparkling then use thin grease to lube 2. bend the tang back, making sure it is free to rotate and doesn’t catch at any point on the VEGLIA drive. If snapped, solder a bit of tin onto it 3. reassemble making sure that any spacer you removed is fitted before tightening wheel axle nuts. It’s a good system, let down by being prone to fill with crud. Annual maintenance essential. I have good reason to believe that dust from cast iron discs rusting in wet weather collects in the drive. One additional point… on my 95 Nevada, the Veglia drive was sealed with a thin tin plate… this is obviously meant to solve the problem of dirt entering, but it only delays the inevitable. Prizing it off to clean the drive is essential but will destroy it, so then a spacer is required to keep the two parts of the worm drive engaged…amazingly a genuine Guzzi rubber spacer is available for Nevadas where the Veglia drive isn’t sealed. My Targa has the unsealed Veglia, and a shorter tang, but requires similar maintenance regime.