96 Cali oil change problem!

Hi folks

Last year I bought a lovely old pearl and charcoal 1100i, which was when I joined the club.

I just used it as it was for months, but I’ve finally got round to changing the oils, starting with the engine. Today I drained the oil - which was lovely and black - then gently slackened and removed the 14 bolts holding the sump on, wanting to clean the mesh and replace the filter. I had a rag underneath to catch the sump gently but was surprised when it didn’t come loose. I tried tapping it with a rubber mallet, still no movement. I hit it harder, zilch. I even tried some experimental gentle downward blows on a punch wedged into the top of the sump at the gasket, nothing. I have a feeling whoever did the last change may have mis-read Hermetite as Araldite! I can’t see any lever points and I don’t want to damage the mating faces with any sort of wedge so any bright ideas how to get the thing off? :question: Thanks in advance!

I’d have to go and count mine, but I think the 14 are all round the edge. There are 4 more hiding in the middle, possibly in 2 pairs. If you get underneath you will see them.
You’re not the first…


Yes. You are by no means the first to be flummoxed by this. I.e. 18 screws altogether, and the 4 inboard ones are longer.

And in future take the 4 inboard screws out first and replace first.
2 near the front and 2 near the rear.
Don’t forget the copperslip.
The gasket should stay in one piece, lubricate it with old engine oil and reuse.
As far as the mesh filter is concerned, don’t bother, the standard oil filter has replaced it but Guzzi left in there anyway.

Not just me then, I had to phone a friend!

Put a mirror under the sump to see where they are quickly. It’s all easy after that!

Doh! :blush:

About 15 years ago I got a phone call at home from someone who was desperate. He had done everything you had done and was about to take a cold chisel to the joint when he decided to google Moto Guzzi and for some reason my name came up.
He was extremely relieved when I told him the solution.
I never did find out if he subsequently joined the club.

OK, so far so good, 4 more bolts removed and then the sump fell into my eager hands.

But in two parts? I was expecting the shallow main pan part but surprised by the 1" deep rectangular spacing piece that followed it! Both have gaskets of course, and they appear to be identical. So does that mean I should really buy another new gasket?? Or just replace the worst looking one? Or re-use both?

The pan had a horrible creamy sludgy emulsion layer hiding under the residual oil, which as mentioned before was pitch black. I think this oil change was well overdue! The mesh filter was clean though, and I’ve replaced the oil filter.

Without wanting to start the dreaded oil thread, what should I use? Don’t say 10W60 as that hadn’t been invented when this bike was made!

Incidentally a question for an admin: I’ve ticked “notify me when a reply is posted” but haven’t had any emails?

You’ve got a sump extension, I’d go for 2 new gaskets just to lessen the chances of a leak. Use the normal quantity amount of oil recommended, your dip stick should have been modified to suit, the extension is supposed to prevent the crankshaft dragging in the oil in the sump. 20/50 will be ok, that’s all I’ve ever thrown into mine. If you’re getting “mayo” it’s down to short trips, I’d extend your mileage to run it hotter to get rid of the moisture in the oil.

It might not have been invented when your bike was built, technology moves on, I think the modern oil is the way to go.
(I use the fully synthetic)
Love an oil thread, (and tyres)

It’s all back together with one old (the top) and one new (the bottom) gasket. No oil yet though.

Is a sump extension normal? I remember seeing one on an old Beemer that had been race tuned, but that had extra finning to cool the oil.

Yes a sump extension is a great aftermarket add on. It keeps the oil out in the breeze, it lowers the centre of gravity and it also reduces internal drag as the crank no longer swishes through the yoghurty mess that live in the bottom of the sump. I have one with an air slot through from front to back and does the oil cooling bit even better!

Yes I’m getting very mixed messages from this bike. On one hand it obviously wasn’t very well cared-for by it’s last owner, which may be why I got it for such a good price :smiley: . But at some time in the deeper past someone has put money and thought into it - it’s had the flywheels lightened and the crank balanced, wears a smart and healthy-sounding Lanfranconi stainless system, the airbox has more holes than a swiss cheese and houses a K&N, it’s been chipped to suit, and it has Hagon shocks and air-damped forks. It goes like stink! But it’s all a bit tired and does now need a little TLC. I’m learning…

Did you wash the sludge out of the sump pan when it was off? I presume you did. Was a regular job on my Spada as I recall, whenever it was off for a new filter cartridge. Didn’t have modern oils then.

Amusing anecdote time - I remember trying to prise apart left and right halves of a BSA Bantam crankcase with two big screwdrivers (inserted in opposite sides like wedges) and a hammer. I could make a bit of a gap but it’d just snap shut again as soon as it got half a chance.

Then I discovered two more screws in the middle hiding under a layer of dirt.

Amazing I never broke anything. :smiley: