96 Nevada Grimeca brakes seal kits

Just checked out Linda’s Nevada (aka Trusty Rusty) last night pre MOT. On checking the front Grimeca brakes I noted that the dust seals were shot. A peruse of favorite Guzzi spares emporia showed that there were no seal kits available for this type of caliper.

Anyone know if there is an equivelant Brembo kit that worked (assuming of course that the Grimecas are straight clones of a Brembo caliper)?

Hi gwen
try powerhouse I have had parts from them at a fraction of the cost of genuine bits www.powerhouseautomotive.co.uk
Regards keith

Thanks Keithy.
I am still trying to find out if the Grimecas are direct size for size clones of the equivelent Brembos. I have emailed Grimeca but dont expect to hear back.