96 Nevada lightening the clutch

We have a 96 Nevada (AKA Trusty Rusty) and there is a bit of problem with it and that is how damn heavy the clutch is. It has always been heavy (makes the Spada seem feather like). Now we have tried various routings and cables but nothing seems to lighten the clutch. The bike is fitted with a Breva gearbox (all bet it with the Nevada bell housing as the Breva one wont fit the older 750 engihes), and I know from experience that the Breva gear box is much better than the original Nevada one. So I dont think the heavy clutch is due to the gear box.

So has anyone found a way of lightening the clutch on an old carbed Nevada (haven’t ridden a FI Nevada so cant compare)? Has anyone success fully tried a hydraulic clutch conversion on one of these bikes?

Ta muchly

Firstly try fitting a Venhill Clutch cable. It’ll be about £50.00 but worth it.
Is the handlebar fitting OK or sloppy / worn and the same for the gearbox end?
Is the clutch pushrod straight and its bearings OK?

The pushroad is fine as is the lever pivot on the gear box (replacemtn gear box off a low milage 750 Breva). We have tried Venhills but they made no difference. Ill check the clutch lever perch on the handlebars and see what that is like

Then the only other thing I can think of is routing and I ain’t going to teach you to such eggs.
Can you get to the clutch arm and push it in by hand? That should tell you a lot.

650 and 750’s have the later AP clutch with uprated springs to handle the torque of the bigger engines. Â Remember basic clutch is the same as a v35…

I used an XT125R clutch leaver on my v35 as the  design gave more leverage and made the clutch lighter…

was only viable option to lighten the clutch that i could come up withÂ

SEE guzzibrat’s post in the T3 clutch thread.
Says it all.