97-2000 ev calliper

How easy is it to refurb callipers and where to source the parts

What caliper is it on this model? If the standard Brembo P8, then it is easy, but some of he later models can be very difficult to source seal kit.

Don, i am pretty certain that the EV has the Brembo, gold twin pot calipers rather than the black P8’s that my 97 Cali 1100i has.
DazGuzzi2014-09-01 07:39:45

Brembo don’t supply seal kits for the more modern calipers since some muppet in America fitted some incorrectly and then took Brembo to court. However powerhouse Automotive ltd in Sheffield do a refurbishment or rebuild service. I have seen them at Stafford and have heard good reports about them
Keith 8 Valve Eagle2014-09-01 08:01:28

Will check callipers later today, is there a number on them or a code

Someone did find that some Hondas use the same caliper and seal kits are available as Honda spares. A dealer in Falkirk comes to mind but I think the thread got deleted in one of the big clear outs. Try Jim Allen 01324 620111 .

I’ve serviced my EV callipers and avoided seal kits (so it’s a partial service!)
Front callipers lift away from bike and give them a good spray with brake cleaner followed by a wipe down with clean cloths. Free off and clean bleed nipples. Clamp one piston in position and operate the brake gently to get the piston out but still in the calliper. Clean the piston and ‘lubricate’ with brake fluid. Ease the piston back and repeat for other piston & other calliper.
Rear Calliper as the front and check/clean the sliding calliper arrangement which is prone to sticking due to its underslung position.
Also work checking & servicing the valve mounted on the underside of the swingarm if you haven’t already.
If the callipers are off the bike it’s a bit easier. The pistons can be operated by either a bicycle pump and adapter (piece of brake pipe with a Schrader valve stuck on the end) or an old master cylinder clamped in a vice.
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No numbers or marks on the callipers other than brembo,the manuel I have says they are gold style and braking cylinder 30/34mm. Pump 13mm front and rear 30/32 mm pump 16mm rear is this any help.

A quick Google search has revealed Bevel Heaven - Ducati specialist is selling rebuild kits, seals and pistons. Doesn’t say how much though!

Thanks every thing helps

Could this be one?

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EV Front right caliperguzzibrat2014-09-01 20:35:40

Gutsibits do a rebuild/seal kit for the 30/34mm Brembo caliper.

Just a thought the callipers are not gold but the pads are held by a single pin, they may have been gold but look silver to me.

Hi Harry, they should be Silver on your bike, my mistake as i no longer have an EV.Just checked photos of my last EV which was a 1999 model and they were indeed Silver 4 pot Brembo calipers.It’s my Centauro that has Gold Brembos!Here is a shot of my old EV and you should have the same set up as this

DazGuzzi2014-09-02 08:33:33

My EV is 1997 in the Red/Cream livery and has gold calipers.
Wonder what the difference is apart from colour?
Curioser and curioser

Hi Steve, are your calipers like these off my 99 Centauro?If so i would suspect that colour is the only difference although i stand to be corrected.Either way, the brakes on an EV are way superior to those on my Cali 1100i with the black Brembo P8 calipers.