!978 T3 Aprilia Headlight

Headlamp still has the original Aprilia glass to it but the reflector behind this has a problem with the ‘chrome’ finish de-laminating. This hasn’t done bad has it? The question is will the two come apart and does anyone know if the reflector can be recoated? Yes I am being sentimental & the sensible thing would just be to buy another unit but I’ve had the bike from new etc etc.

Replaced mine with a Cibie unit BUT New Ring ones are available from

Vehicle wiring products easy to do a search

For resilvering reflectors

The T3/V1000 do have dismantleable headlamps unless someone retro fitted a sealed beam unit. There are planty of options I got my replacememt Cibie unit from Stafford Show £10

Recently replaced mine because it was found to be dipping the wrong way at MoT test. I fitted a new Lucas unit.

On this subject, has anyone actually removed the glass from the shell. It looks quite a tight fit, I wonder if it involves prying the rim outwards which might crack the glass??

If I can release mine I might well get the shell resilvered, once I’ve saved up that is.


it just is not worth the effort or cost no one would even notice a replacement Cibie unit the V1000 had one in when I got it and to be honest that or a “Ring” or Wipac unit will fit nicely.

On the newer V11 the replacement unit is from a jap bike “Thomson” the difference in beam at night is truly unbelievable with the basic H4 bulb I can ride at night at normal speeds, the OEM plastic rubbish headlamp even with the uprated bulb you could NOT ride above 40 mph on an unlit road there was just NO light.

Agree with GB there.I fitted a ring to my lemon and it is far superior to oe.Might do the same with my lil’Breva.

The newer bikes with the clear lens plastic angled reflector as fitted to the V11 and some Ducatis are truly awful headlamps in comparison to the older glass lense and parabolic silvered/chrome reflector. In fact a lower wattage bulb in the V1000 is a hell of alot better than the newer H4 style even.

Thanks guys
Not worthwhile the hassle then, shame as I quite liked the Aprillia lens

You can separate the Aprilia lens from the reflector quite easily. The best quote I got for re-silvering was £65 plus carriage subject to sight.
I’m going down the Lucas/Cibie route!!

Go on then Jim, give me a clue, he he!

How do you recommend going about the separation then

Remove headlight rim c/w lens and reflector, take out the 3 retaining screws. Carefully remove lens etc from rim, I say this because the original should have a gasket between edge of rim and lens. You can get them from Stein Dinse still I think but minimum order value is €15 plus tax and postage and gasket is only €4. I broke mine. Then I did no more than take the kitchen spatula and gently work round the edge of the lens & it came away no problem. If it’s obstinate maybe try some warm soapy water and a nail brush first.Good luck.


Thanks Jim